RVP: it's all about trying to use things in ways they may not have been intended

Radio intense is happy to present to you our next guest - Infolines Label!

Detroit based label Infolines deliver the fourth release titled The Bankle, featuring family members Francois Dillinger, RVP, Mister Joshooa, Jeremy Kypta, Tree and ADMN.

We talked to the label founders - Remove Viewing Party (RVP) about their release titled Five Conductor, which is one of the four tracks on The Bankle EP, forthcoming on Infolines. Enjoy!
Hi guys! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today. How are you and where are you at the moment?
— Currently at Home in Detroit, recovering from a really great release party last night.
— We're happy to be catching up with you regarding your upcoming release titled Five Conductor, which is one of the four tracks on The Bankle EP, forthcoming on Infolines. What can you tell us about this track?
— Our process is mainly an exploratory one. We like to experiment with what the machines can do and then arrange bits of that output into a collage of sounds that represents a mood or an experience. Five Conductor is all about the end of the night, feeling exhausted and content.
You're the founders of Infolines, the label putting this release out. What brought you together with the other artists on the EP?
— Infolines is a collective effort from a handful of Detroiters who really respected each others' work, but didn't have an outlet that allowed us the freedom to take risks with what we released.

We've crossed paths at different gigs over the years and eventually everything sort of fell into place.
Can you tell us about your production techniques when you're both in the studio?
— Our studio sessions are super impulsive, we leave a lot of space to explore mistakes and unintended outcomes. It's really all about trying to use things in ways they may not have been intended. Also we like to focus on writing songs more than just tracks. The musicality of it is important.
Do you have any favorite bits of equipment?
— Love the Arp Odyssey, ms-20, deepmind. Honestly our favorite piece of equipment at the moment is the room we're working in. Our label mate ADMN spent the entire pandemic building a beautiful studio in his basement. Honestly a good pair of monitors and a properly treated room is the best investment you can make.
Living through lockdowns was a strenuous time for most if not all of us. Has this track been influenced by these times?
— This song was written before everything changed. However, the decision to release it now was definitely influenced by that. It's a bittersweet tune, for bittersweet times.
Being born and raised in Detroit, I can imagine you had a plethora of music events and clubs on your doorstep. Can you tell us some of your favorites growing up and the ones that have impacted you the most?
— Growing up it was mostly warehouse parties and a handful of after hours venues. The infolines records pay homage to those places and the sounds we heard there. Then congress passed the rave act and things moved into clubs and bars. Motor Lounge was the first big club for us. Later on it was the Works and eventually the TV lounge became a home base for us.
Things are finally going back to normal once more. Where can we expect to see you in the next coming months?
— Infolines is our sole focus for the time being. Our residency at TV lounge in Detroit is starting back up and we'll be playing a few gigs around the Movement Festival in May.