IMPULSE FACTORY & MOTVS: Recent release "Rock" on Exetra Records

MOTVS and IMPULSE FACTORY are a pair or Italian techno producers who together run Exetra Records.

Exetra Records is fast becoming a driving force within the peak time techno community that can often be found placed high in the sales charts of sites like Beatport.

The owners of Exetra Records recently collaborated on a track called "Rock" and we caught up with them to learn more about the release, plus their plans for 2023…
Hi guys, could you start by telling us about how you met, and when you first collaborated on music together?
— That's a good question… we've known each other for such a long time that we had to think about it.

We met for the first time 15 years ago at a local party in Rome where we were both playing and each had a heavy flight case full of vinyl records. We bonded over a shared struggle to carry the records around the venue lol

After that we started hanging out until we eventually ended up in the studio together, then our first official track collaboration was around 3 years ago.
You are both solo producers and it would be interesting to learn a bit about each of your individual backgrounds?
— We both have a background in the harder side of electronic music.

Leonardo (MOTVS) was influenced by labels such as BXR, Tracid Traxxx and Media Records. He became part of the hard dance scene and his productions were supported and released by some of the best labels of the time such as Scantraxx and Italian Hardstyle.

After years spent DJing around the world and standing behind the prestigious desks of festivals like Defqon 1, Decibel, HardBass and Q-Base to name a few, MOTVS decided to start focusing more on productions. This led to him rediscovering his love for techno and he decided to use the name MOTVS to make this style.

Cristian (IMPULSE FACTORY) had been heavily influenced by the Roman's techno scene in the early '90s and his new productions pay homage to his roots in the genre. He had previously been known as producer and DJ from the harder scene of electronic music, as this is where he found early success releasing on Traxtorm Records at the start of his career.

During the millennium era, IMPULSE FACTORY was a well-known producer within the harder dance scene and some of his tracks are well known classics from the genre. He has performed all over the world including festivals such as Love Parade, Master Of Hardcore, Nature One, Street Parade and too many more to mention.
Can you tell us about your record label Exetra Records and what made you decide to start the imprint?
— Well, we have spent many years working for lots of big record labels and this gave us a good background and knowledge of what makes a successful imprint.

Running our own record label meant we could be free to release our music without restrictions and help other artists who share our sound. Exetra Records is an unrestricted collection of tracks that represents our journey into techno music.

We've started our label in August 2021 and our efforts are already starting to pay off, as our releases are constantly getting in the main sales charts of leading download stores such as Beatport.

Already we are starting to stand out from the crowd and this is still the beginning of the journey, so we are verry excited for the future.
— Who are some of the artists you have signed, and what's the label got planned for 2023?
— Since we started, we've based the foundation of Exetra Records on experienced artists such as ourselves, Robpm and Lady Dana. As time has passed, we soon discovered lots of other talented newcomers and established artists such as Brisa, Cosmic Project, Demon Noise, Maurice Burgbacher, Sergio Axe and there is still more to come.

To start 2023, we planned an intense scheduling for the first months of the year and are fully booked with new releases until March. We receive daily demos and listen to all of them because we feel that they deserve to be heard.

Lastly, we've also started a new label called Booster Music where we can sign newcomers with experimental ideas that are a bit different from the peak time sound of Exetra Records. Booster could also become a gateway to Exetra Records.
— You recently collaborated on a track called "Rock" that you released via Exetra Records, and I wanted to learn more about it?
— We wanted it to have tension from the beginning to the end of the track, as this is something that we feel is missing from a lot in modern peak time techno.

The groove is constantly rolling for the duration of the track and this is something you don't usually find on peak time techno tunes, as often they have a big breakdown section.

From the start we had a clear idea of what we wanted before making this track, and we are really happy with how it turned out.
— What other new releases are each of you working on, are there any more plans to collaborate?
— Yes, we're already working on our next collaboration and for that one, we have raised the tempo a bit, as we love to explore and experiment. That next collaborative release is planned for next year in February.

We're both also working on our solo projects and collaborations with other people. MOTVS is making tracks with ROBPM and T78, while IMPULSE FACTORY with our great friend and hardcore legend TOMMYKNOCKER.
— What's been your proudest moment of 2022 and what are you most excited about in 2023?
— No doubt about it, the proudest moment was when we realised that our releases were constantly topping the charts on the major online music stores. We're excited about 2023 and have lots of new releases that we feel are equal to the quality of the well-established labels.
— Thanks for talking with us, is there anything else you would like to mention before we finish the interview?
— Thanks for having us, we are grateful for all the support that our fans have given us and Exetra Records.