Ignacio Arfeli: Argentinian shootingstar living in Berlin
This time Radio Intense is pleased to present you Ignacio Arfeli and his two-tracks release "Destroyer". Although he's a relative newcomer, the young artist has already created a space for himself with raw sounds, textures and dark percussions. Radio Intense spoke to Ignacio about his career, his Argentinian roots, life in Berlin and of course, new release.
Hi Ignacio. Congratulations with a release on Codex! How are things?
— All very well luckily. Working a lot in the studio as usual.
Let's travel in time. What was the moment or place when you realized you wanted to start DJing an producing? Which places in Argentina developed your love for techno?
— I remember very well that I wanted to start techno when I first went to a festival where Carl Cox was playing. I had never heard anything like it since until my 19/20 years I only listened to EDM, trap and dubstep.
Definitely the place that I appreciated the most was Mandarine Park and Under Club.

Those places left a mark on me and marked me a lot as an artist when deciding to want to make a living from this.
Why did you decide to move to Berlin and what influence did it have on your artistic side?
— Well ... many things made me make such a decision, but mainly the unfortunate situation in my country and the knowledge that it was (at least for me and my life goals) impossible to make a living from what I like.

I also wanted to risk and come to study a career, sound engineering applied to electronic music, therefore I did not have to speak German but in English and it was a challenge that I am super happy to have faced successfully. I am also studying German (today I can speak a little but very basic) and I do not regret at all having made that decision, although logically it was not easy and sometimes it is not easy to be alone in a country where your culture and your life experience It is very different from the one in your country but I feel very happy living here.
About the influences well ... many the truth. Here you breathe art all the time, it is impossible not to be in constant creativity and also being surrounded by people and friends who do the same as you or work on art in general, you learn a lot of many things that maybe if I stayed In Buenos Aires I could probably have missed them. Personally, the amount of lakes and gardens that there are mobilizes me a lot. It is a good source of creativity for me.
Can you tell us 3 similarities and 3 differences between Berlin's night life and Buenos Aires's?
3 similar things
The passion for music
Lots of drugs and alcohol haha
Street food is just amazing
3 differences
I feel that people in Berlin are more respectful
They have much more techno culture logically
They don't use cell phones and that is something that really caught my attention.
How was quarantine in Berlin? Did you experience any difficulties with adjusting to new reality?
— Fortunately, to be honest, I didn't feel the quarantine was a bad thing for me, and I really feel very lucky to have had such an experience in a country like Germany.

I also had a lot of work as a sound engineer so I was able to keep my head busy with my work and not with external things.

Although it was a strange situation and obviously sometimes I felt with a feeling of not knowing what was going to happen ... I have to be honest but it did not affect me very much thank God.
Tell us more about your new release on Codex. Could you please tell us the story behind your EP?
— Although this Ep does not have a particular story, it does have a goal and a new sound which I have been working on for a long time and that is to start adapting my name with a more commercial sound and let's say a little more technical too, why not?

I felt that Codex was going to make a very good label to start this new project and I am very grateful to Spartaque and his entire team for trusting my work once again.
Do you have any other exciting projects coming up that we should know about?
— If I have enough ... luckily this year I was able to fulfill all the goals I set for myself, such as signing Ep's and releases on Octopus Recordings, Unrilis, We Are The Brave and Kraftek so expect a lot of music from me :)