HXJKT: I try to strive for an atmospheric and hypnotic feeling techno

Today we are pleased to welcome another talent to our doors, HXJKT!

HXJKT is the latest moniker of Magnus Johansson, and this time the focus is on deep, hypnotic techno. Resident of Malmö, Sweden, HXJKT is meant as an outlet for Magnus ideas, feelings and narratives, both focused on tracks that fit the club as well as long train rides though the dark forests of Sweden.

We spoke with Magnus to find out more about his upcoming release "Dold Mark" coming on Allt Är Dött and more, enjoy!
Hello HXJKT! How are you doing? A pleasure to speak with you.
— Hey! Thanks for taking the time to talk with me. I'm pretty much fine, the
crazy hot weather is taking it's toll on me here in Malmö though. A constant
feeling of being sleep deprived.
— Massive congratulations on your brand new "Dold Mark" release on Allt Är Dött. Can you talk to us more about this release and how it came about?
— Thank you. Yes, it 's actually part of a trilogy of EPs, which started with
"Dom Kommer" earlier this year, also on Allt Är Dött. The mission, if you
could call it that, was to create these evolvning collections of tracks, to try
to tell a story, actually heavily inspired by old sci-fi writers and books. For
this release, a certain sequencer, the Metropolix by Intellijel, formed the
basis of the EP. I use it to convey this hypnotic feeling, a swirling narrative,
and hope that the listener picks up on that.
How did you get it signed to Allt Är Dött?
— Allt Är Dött is actually me and a friend's own label, so maybe it's self-
centered, but we decided to start it up and use it for digital and cassette
releases, mostly for our own projects. To be able to be totally free like, and
not worry about what others think as much. We are anarchists at heart, so
we believe that no-one has the right to decide what music should or should
not be out there. Before, though not under the HXJKT moniker, I've
released on Detriti, Ceremony, Hybris amongs a bunch of others.
How would describe your brand of electronic music?
— I would say I try to strive for an atmospheric and hypnotic feeling techno,
while still thinking of how it works in clubs as well as at home. The grooves
are pretty stiff by design, I like the feeling of machines playing along to each
other, lacking that human element. I think the humanity comes thorugh in
the sound design instead. That's maybe the sci-fi novel influence, humans
and machines in a symbiotic relationship.
Are there any other projects are you currently working on?
— Right now we have a noise/drone project up and running as well, I Skydd Av
Mörkret, and I hope we'll have some new releases on Allt Är Dött later this
year, besides my own third EP which concludes the trilogy. But that's the
philosophy of my music making and the label, whatever happens happens,
and we try not to overthink stuff. We'll also be playing a bit live.
Looking forwards, do you have any goals or objectives you would like to achieve in the future as artists?
— I don't know, that's a really hard question. I used to play in different
projects before, played a lot live, released a bunch of albums and EPs, and
in the end it kind of became to much. Too much promoting, dealing with
different labels, doing live shows. Of course, it's a beautiful thing when you
hold your own album on vinyl in your hands, but I think all my current and
future projects will be more chill. I like that, the pressure is gone and it's
more fun to just take things as they come without having to deal with PR,
management, label people (although I was very lucky to work with some
great folks in the past, big up Matthew Gawrych!).
— To round things off, is there anything else upcoming that you'd like to share with us?
— No I don't think so, thanks for giving me the opportunity to talk about the new EP!