Human Rias: I want to raise awareness for the Iranian people

German artist of Iranian descent Human Rias has partnered with EXIT, one of the world's major festivals, on a human-rights project that supports the fight against oppression in Iran. Together,they bring 'The Remixes For The People Of Iran', on Rias' new 7Rituals label, with all proceeds going to the "Woman, Life, Freedom", Foundation.

The remix package features a blend of contemporary electronic dance music styles with renowned global artists joining Human Rias in this quest.

We caught up with the Human Rias to find out more about the new remix.
Can you tell us more about your Iranian heritage and how it inspired this release?
— Both my parents are from Iran, and I have a lot of family over there. So naturally this one hit my heart, as I saw the people on the street and the protest for freedom. The
inspiration comes from my brother Dusan Kovacevic, the director of EXIT festival and
the leader of many revolutions. He gave me the inspiration and hope that something
small can make a big difference.
What does the original song 'Baraye' by Shervin mean to you? And why did you want to create a remix package in the first place?
— It's all the suffering that Iranians have lived through, but it also has the blossom of hope, hope that one day all this will be behind us. The idea to do a remix package originated, because I felt like a lot of artists need to play this, and the more genres we have the more artists will feel comfortable to play the tracks and raise awareness around Shervin and what is happening in Iran.
Some amazing artists on this release, who have all offered a remix for your label 7Rituals. Can you tell us how you selected these artists?
— Jan Blomqvist came naturally, as he was actually the first to publish a video playing the track. Andata are also the owners of customized culture, who are partners in the campaign.
RSRRCT created a Techno version, Pegah did her take, and she was also a massive input to develop this idea. Victor Ruiz and Tao Andra: Victor Is a long time friend, and I knew I can count on him to make an incredible remix. With the female touch of Tao Andra, they have created this masterpiece of a remix which is due out on the 3rd March. It's all about the vibe, and what you stand for, that's how I selected.
— What do you hope to achieve with the release?
— I want to raise awareness, for the Iranian people, as mainstream media is truly muting what's happening there, and the Iranians are being shut off from the world. No internet, no social media, they can use every voice outside.
— What is next on for you and 7Rituals?
— 7Rituals will output one original track a month of mine until the end of year. For me. I'm hoping to make a difference, and to also showcase a lot of music from Iranian artists on the label, who have not had the chance to be heard yet.
— Where can we see you playing this year, are there any special shows to support the 'Baraye' release?
— There will be something spectacular at EXIT festival this year that is for sure. The next shows where you can catch me and where 'Baraye' will get supported are: Tomorrowland Winter, Watergate club, club VAAG, EXIT Festival, Audioriver Festival and at Tomorrowland Belgium.