Horisone: music is our passion which will always take us to the next level

Radio Intense is happy to present to you our next guests - Horisone!

Horisone is a DJ/ Producer duo hailing from Hungary.

We talked to the talents about their experience in electronic music, new release "No Way Out" on Xenia's Numen and future expectations.

Read it now!
— Hello guys! How are you doing? From where are you talking to us?
— Hi, thanks for asking, we are fine. Now, we are writing from our beautiful capital city of Hungary, Budapest.
— Let's start with the introduction. How would you describe your artistic project "Horisone".
— Well, everything started, when we met in 2013. We played together in a night and we felt the B2B set was so epic. Later we played several times together, but we knew, we want something different, and that's how the "Horisone" project came in 2018.

We love techno, progressive house, melodic house and we have a bit more mainstream facade too. It's truly represents our experiences from the clubs during our younger times.

We wanted a bit different music like we played as Christopher and Daniel Nike. The vision was to make a night where we are playing only own made musics. That was the impression of the whole project.
— Congratulations on the new release "No Way Out" which is already out on Numen. How do you feel about the release? Can you tell us a little bit more about the production process?
— Thank you so much! Yes we are so happy and it's a pleasure to be here with this release because we made a lot of Progressive and Melodic stuff and this is one of the releases where we would like to make something harder. The whole process was so easy, we also start the idea with the Melodic part and after that we choosed a really hard groovy techno rolling thing for the kick and the bass sections.

We think that, this release is something special beacuse of the not usual groove vocies and a bit more groovy basslines as usual in the techno sceen. Really good to see that Numen is accepted these bangers and Xenia also liked this.
— Have you already come back to touring? If so, where can we see you DJ in the nearest future ?
— Luckily we can play music in our home country (Hungary) from June and we were already in Konstanz, Germany in October.

On the other hand, our latest gigs were with Space 92 in two different cities in Hungary and our next international event will be at the 18th of December in Helsinki, Finnland and we are really waiting for this too. As a matter of fact, we have received many inquiring e-mail from USA, so hopefully maybe we will be on tour to the USA. We are very excited what is happening with us!
— We start to wrap up the things in 2021. How would you summarize this year for "Horisone"?
— Unfortunately ,we think this year was really hard for electonic music but much better than 2020. By the way, we are really glad because we had so much powerful releases on nice labels, amazing supports from our idols all around the world and wonderful parties in the second part of the year so we are fully prepared to the next year with big plans and motivation.
— And continuing the last question, what goals go you set for yourself in 2022?
— Let's continue working with the head down. In the next year we would like to make much more techno tracks, because we have almost thirty unreleased progressive stuffs. Of course we would like to release in big labels and play in events all around the world as anybody in this industry but maybe what makes us different is that music is our passion which will always take us to the next level. In spite of all these, we want to put more emotion into our music, and see the people and the fans reactions during the gigs!
— At last, anything else you'd like to share with our audience?
— We would be very thankful if you listen our new EP on Numen and of course we want to say special thanks to the label & management for the trust! We would like to smash the house in the upcoming events. We hope that everyone will have a wonderful end of this year!