Horatio: I am very happy to join Codex family

Today we are pleased to welcome another guest, Horatio!

Producing, DJing, and running his own record labels, HORATIO is a seasoned connoisseur of getting us to move our bodies. Active since the 90's, the romanian producer/dj has kept his finger on the pulse of dance music strongly pinned and shown a distinct blend of stylistic fusions. Recalling sounds that attract listeners worldwide Horatio's releases have been housed by important labels like Viva Music , Desolat , Circus Recordings , Rawthentic , Bouq and Stereo Production.

We talked to Horatio about his new release on "Exodus" coming on Codex and other projects! Read more below.
— Hello Horatio! How are you doing? Thanks for chatting with us.
    — Hello guys. Thrilled to be here.
      — Congratulations on your new joint release with Filterheadz titled "Exodus" on Codex! How did you get signed to the label?
        — I have been a fan of Spartaque's work and labels for quite a while.Me and Maarten from Filterheadz , were throwing ideeas back and forth and we finished couple of tunes. I sent it to the king Carl Cox and he smashed them ever since. As I previously worked (with great succes) with Spartaque's label (I had a previous release on IAMT) I wanted to launch my tunes on CODEX. Vitali was kind enough to sign these and the reaction from the promo pool was exceptional. Atomic feedbacks on it.
          Can you tell us your inspiration behind the release? Also what was the creation process?
            — I have been a long time fan of Filterheadz. They are very close to my style:techno with a tribal twist and i reached out to them with some ideas.

            They were kind enough to respond pretty fast. We thrown ideeas back and forth as nowadays they are a bit more harder and i am more happier and this amazing balance created these two tracks.
              Who have been your musical influences and idols over the years?
              — I'd like to mention my brother Ovidiu, my wife Larisse (she always amazes me with her way of seeing the music industry) , Mihalis Safras , Steve Lawler, Roger Sanchez and the king Carl Cox. I think he had the most heaviest influence over my career. I was in the 5th degree and we were scribling his tracks name on the tables and i would never imagine one day that i will get to meet him in person. I witness a historic moment this year: Carl Cox made 60 years and he was kind enoough to invite me to this private event. Still being humbled and privileged to get this support , not just from Carl but from many others: Fatboy Slim, Adam Beyer , Deep Dish , Solardo , Rebuke , Eli Brow , Pete Tong , Bob Sinclar , Danny Howard , Cevin Fisher , Wade , Eats Everything , Eddie Halliwell , Pagano , Hernan Cattaneo , Sasha , John Digweed , just to name a few.
              What's your favorite track that you never got to play?
              — My favourite tune which I play very rare: Matthew Dear x Kissing Your Eyes Tale Of Us Remix . I am playing it rarely but everytime it brings me chills.
              — Do you have any hobbies outside of music? Can you tell us about them?
              — I am senior Karate Instructor , Shotokan style. I used to go in competitions and all that stuff but lately been doing mostly for myself due to an injury sustained a while back when i stayed in bed for 6 months completely paralyzed. Fortunately the martial art known as Karate teaches you a lot regarding breaking the mental and phyisal barriers. It taught to value balance a lot between all sides of life: relationship with my wife , career , personal hobbies and much more.
                — Is there anything else you'd like to add?
                  — I am very happy to join Codex family and I can't wait to share the decks with Spartaque in a near future event. He played in my hometown but I was away with gigs and I never got the chance to play together. At Saga festival I got fortunate enough to meet him in person. I love what you guys are doing and I am very happy to be here.