High On Mars: music has always been a great source of inspiration in life for us

Today Radio Intense is presenting you High On Mars.

"High On Mars" is the name of the project of two well known Iranian Underground DJ/Producer "Mahmoud Balouch" & "Amir Yaleh". Their dream is to party and play dance music, live on planet Mars, like on Earth, one day!

We talked to the electronic music devotees about their industry experience and new release "The Seventh World" on Area Verde. Do not wait and travel on Mars with them together by reading this interview!
— Hello guys! How are you?
— Hello! Thank you everything is fine and we feel great having this interview with you ... this is our first official interview with a big radio host and music group...
— Please, tell us more about "High On Mars". How did you start this project? What do you define as "High On Mars"?
— Well, let us start it like this and bring you before even High On Mars Born ... We are close friends and both live in the same hood in Tehran, the capital of Iran. We learned to produce as individuals between 2016 to 2018 and before that used to be deejays only ... In late 2018 we came up with the idea to start working and producing together as a music band. because of our obsession in astronomy science and loving and caring about our solar system, we finally decided to use the earth's sister's name (Mars), as a part of the band's name ... you would ask why mars? The answer is simple. Because mars is the closest and the most similar planet to earth. it is the Most probable planet for humankind to live on it someday after the earth and so deejays would be able to play at parties and festivals on it in the near future! We think this happens for sure, but perhaps we won't be alive to see! So when the time comes, everyone could be High On Mars!

As a music band, our goal is to talk through our music to the world. Music is an international language. Music has always been a great source of inspiration in life for us. it keeps us motivated and alive! Our vision is to be able to travel to the whole world and share love, passion, good vibes, and positive energy through our music with different people in different countries with their different cultures. Electronic Music itself is a culture.
— Can you please tell us about the industry in Iran? What are the highlights of the scene over there? And how is everything happening regarding pandemic restrictions now?
— Electronic Music industry in Iran is unlike any other country on earth! Because of some of the government's regulations against this type of music and of course against the happiness of people. We can't have nightclubs, festivals and even normal bars! so we can't have a normal DJ life as everyone else have in other countries! plus, alcoholic drinks are totally illegal in Iran. Kind of strange, isn't it?

On the other hand, Iranian people love to party and dance. In every possible opportunity, they gather together and start to party underground. The only type of parties that takes place in Iran are the private and underground parties with a lot of risks and dangers. It is enough that you get caught by the police at a party and they put you in jail straight away. That is no joke!

The economic situation in Iran has become worse and worse in the last decade. Especially after the USA sanctions is has become truly awful. So now you consider pandemic and its effects on the top of our country's problems! Even though we are living in a crisis like this, we could manage to connect to many great artists who supported us since the very beginning. it was a true gift to get supported by many wonderful fans who gave us lots of energy to keep continue our journey regardless of all negativities and disappointments.
— Your new release "The Seventh World" incl. Messier soon will be out on Area Verde. How can you describe the release?
— "The seventh world" is one of our singles which is a bit different from the others. smooth elements and a dreamy atmosphere. the remixer of this track is "Messier". He is a great producer and one of our good friends. He also is the co-owner of "Sinedie Records".
— It's not your first collaboration with Area Verde. What do you like about the label?
— We must say at the moment "Area Verde" is one of the best and most successful record labels in progressive house & melodic techno genres, with a strong promotion system and also very caring people who work for them. Besides that, the masterings sound awesome. We feel so lucky that we could manage to have 4 releases with them until now.
— Do you have any other projects coming up soon?
— We have upcoming remixes which we have done for other artists such as "Elena Pavla", "Sergio Del Lago", "Messier", "Emre. K" and a few more. Also, we had the honor to collaborate with the great artists and deejays like "Two Are", "ATA.MOTA"," Vazik", "Sebastian Haas", "Kenan Savrun" and "Karaal".
— What do you wish to achieve in the nearest future?
— The first thing that we wish to achieve is that to have chance to get gigs at big events and a music venues. This would be our first goal. Besides that, we wish to leave Iran soon to improve more and better in the music industry and to be able to find more opportunities and to be known and seen more worldwide.What we have learned during these years is to never underestimate yourselves, always try to find your voice, and never stop trying.

In the end, we just want to say thanks to the big boss "Spartaque" for having us and much appreciated for giving us this opportunity to tell our story. Cheers.