Hell Driver: I immediately loved techno and never left it

This time Radio Intense had a pleasure to talk with Hell Driver!

Hell Driver is a French Dj / Producer who is mainly focusing on techno music and has a huge experience among the industry.

We talked to the talent about his musical journey, artistic perspective, new release "Replicant" on IAMT and upcoming projects. Check it out right now!
— Hello Benoit! How is everything going? Thanks for this interview!
— Hello I'm fine thank you too, it's a pleasure!
— First of all, what an interesting choice of artist name! What is a story behind "Hell Driver"?
— Yeah it's a long story but it's the name that best represents my personnality and the style of Techno which I produce. I chose it in first because in real life I'm a Biker & I am working on the road and driving all the year ! I chose it too because I'm very inspired by movies , the soundtracks and video games especially from the 80's... if you listen to my tracks you can hear that I love to use " Driving Technics " in my production.
— Tell us more about yourself. What defines you as an artist?
— I think since 2015 I have found my favorite Techno style, I always search to master it and take risk to try some new kind of Techno… Many times my tracks entered Top Beatport Charts ( Techno / Hard Techno / Progressive House / Electronica ). A lot of artists that I love very much and influence me like : Spektre / Umek / Richie Hawtin / Dj Murphy / Superstrobe / Alex Di Stefano / Dandi & Ugo / Skober … started to include my tracks in their charts and playlists! In 2019 Charlotte De Witte played 5 tracks from my first album at Tomorrowland and many others big events ! Deborah De Luca also played lots of my productions at big events all over the world ! It was a big honor and big motivation for me to work more far.
— How did you choose techno as your genre? Do you produce only techno music?
— When I was a teenager I have already listened to Dance music in the 90's and in 1997 i discover Daft Punk & The Prodigy …That's where it's all started … at 16 I started to go at a big event in Paris called " Pur Mix " with Electro House Dj and I met lots of Clubbers who told me " Do you know the Rex Club " ? It's the best Techno club in Paris, you will be crazy ! " I listened to them and I went there. My first time was a hearing shock ! I immediately loved Techno and never left it…this club was like my second home. There are a lot of interesting things and possibility in Techno Music ! It's the Future .

And yes, I produce others style like Synthwave / Trap / Rap beats but just for fun.
— Your new release "Replicant" will be out in July on IAMT. How can you describe the release?
I can describe the release like all the questions we ask ourselves: Is there life elsewhere ? How did we see the future ? It is a relationship in a way of Emotional / Dark and Epic waves.
— There are 3 tracks on the release. Which is your favorite? Why?
I love all 3, it's difficult to choose but I think " Unknown Universe " because it's like a journey to discover new worlds with a Spaceship. When you listen to this track it's very intense… the conquest of space is tropical , it's what I represent with my music.
— What else is in store for Hell Driver in the upcoming future?
— Create and continue to produce more interesting tracks and Maybe the 3rd album, why not.