Heerhorst, Slin Bourgh, PETER PAHN: it was a fun collaboration

Friday interview!
This time we had a pleasure to talk to three brilliant artists - Heerhorst, Slin Bourgh and PETER PAHN!

We asked the talents about their artistic projects and mutual release "Signs of the Soul" coming on Codex, which in their typology, starts from the typical elements of Heerhorst's deep baselines and catchy melodies, Slin Bourgh's powerful and energetic style & PETER PAHN's marching and driving sound and his escalating mood.

— Hello everyone! How are you doing today? Thanks for having time for Radio Intense.
— Hello Radio Intense, it is a pleasure to talk with you.

We are feeling good, because of our upcoming release at Codex Recordings. Thank you for having us!
— So, let's start with the introduction. Heerhost, Slin Bourgh, PETER PAHN – please each of you tell us about your artistic project and the story behind it.
— Heerhorst: I started the Heerhorst project in 2006 with my friend Meissner. We had a more minimal techno sound back then.
I took a break from that project to concentrate more on my other project "FUKKK OFFF" from 2009-2017.
As Heerhorst, I like to produce all varieties of techno music nowadays from melodic to hard banging Techno.

— Slin Bourgh: Music has always been the center of my life. Started in the late 80s as a fan of Motörhead and Slayer, later with Hip Hop and my first experiences with Vinyl DJing. In 1996 I was in Berlin for the first time at the Loveparade and discovered my love for Techno and Rave music. After some years of touring as a roadie for metal bands, in 2018 the decision was made to turn my passion for Techno into a profession and start to produce my own tracks as Slin Bourgh. Heerhorst plays a big role in my development as a Producer. I describe my style as uncompromising energetic Techno made for the dance floor.

— PETER PAHN: Before producing, I always had a strong passion for techno and preforming. I started in 1999 with Djing. Solidifying my skills in DJ'ing, I moved myself into the natural progression into producing. The PETER PAHN project I started in 2017.
— Where are you right now? How is the industry doing over there?
— Heerhorst: I'm in Hamburg Germany and just got a new studio, where I can produce 24/7.
I'm working on lots of different productions at the moment. I don't really missed playing in front of big crowds that much, but I'm happy that it's returning slowly.

— Slin Bourgh: I spend half of my time in Berlin and study Audio Engineering there, in the same place where Pan-Pot have learned and met. Through this I want to perfect my skills even more. The other time I spend in Hamburg, where my own studio is located and where I produce my tracks. For me it's the perfect mix between the invigorating influences in Berlin and the calm and concentration in Hamburg. In both cities the ban on dancing for outdoor events has just been lifted, it is slowly starting again.

PETER PAHN: I'm living in Frankfurt am Main, in Germany. Momently the clubs are close.
If the club has an outdoor area, it may be opened for a limited number. People are also allowed to dance again. Of course with mask. Currently, there is almost every weekend in the Rhine-Main area an open air, which usually goes from afternoon 15 clock to about 22 clock. Also a nice time. You can go to bed afterwards and be sober again the next day.
— Your mutual release "Signs of the Soul" will be out in the end of July on Codex. What can you tell about this release?
— It was a fun collaboration. Our sessions got influenced by a great variety of different sounds from each of us. Hard, dark, simple and effective Techno which is perfect for the dancefloor!
— Did you collaborate together before or how did you all meet?
— Heerhorst: I met Slin a few years ago at a Techno workshop I was giving we collaborated on a few tracks since then and he developed his style incredibly fast and well.

I met PETER PAHN while working with our mutual friends the "Teenage Mutants" and also dig his stuff a lot so it was a perfect and spontaneous collaboration.
— What artistic plans do you have for this summer season? Any interesting projects?
— Heerhorst: I worked a lot on all kinds of productions, from advertisement to german Schlager. But also some new techno tracks on my favorite labels will come out soon. And finally playing the stuff out loud again which is the main motivation doing all this!

— Slin Bourgh: Due to the current situation, requests for live gigs are currently limited mostly to fall. I am confident that the situation for artists will improve again and we will have a great time together. In the meantime, I continue to put my energy into producing my tracks. I can say, there is a lot in the works, original tracks and also more collaborations are coming. Stay tuned! Additionally, there is a comeback of my weekly radio show "Downlights Radio" on Mixcloud Select.

PETER PAHN: There are many projects for this year incoming.

I can't talk about most things yet, but currently, a collaboration with a very interesting artist for me "Mauro Somm" is underway. I am very much looking forward to this work with him. He is one of the most talented artists for me at the moment. His groovy sound will fit well to my interpretation of techno. We made a 2 track EP. Where it will be released is still open.

Furthermore, I have my first EP on Set About in December. This makes me happy and honors me, because I was allowed to celebrate my most successful releases on this label.