Haze-M, Helen&Boys: it's all about feelings and vibes

Today Radio Intense has had a talk with incomparable Haze-M and gorgeous Helen&Boys!

We got to know about their musical backgrounds, recent releases including the juicy "Dance with Me" on Area Verde and of course could not but to ask about their future plans. Do not wait and find out insight below!
— Hello! How are you doing today? Ready for 2021?
— Haze-M: Hey, Happy New Year and thanks for the invite! I'm doing great and can't wait to start a new chapter.

— Helen&Boys: Hi everyone! Everything is cool, thanks!I am very ready for 2021and want to take only best things to the new year.
— Let's get to know each other more. Hazem, let me please start with you. Can you tell us more about the beginning of your career and your music influences? And Elena, the same question to you.
— Haze-M: First of all I'm a computer geek. I did not come from any music background. I grew up listening to Arabic music, R&B, rock and roll, the usual. When I was young, I would try out any computer software I could get my hands on. The first experience I had with music software was on FruityLoops. (FL Studio). I didn't know anything about electronic music, its styles or genres. I was just experimenting and making ideas. I was fascinated by the software, I had the ability to create sounds from my fingertips — it felt awesome! Really, that's how it began. I didn't plan to be a DJ or producer but it happened naturally!

— Helen&Boys: In the same way as Haze-M, I started with FL Studio. Now I use Ableton Live. As a child I was a music lover, I listened to pop music, but I grew up on rap, because have an older brother who gave me this love to the genre. By the way, I still adore this genre, and I listen to rap for my soul :) Love for electronic music was given to meby my husband, he is a musician from God. So I was lucky :) I was ahead because of that. I also have a musical education in the class of violin and singing, which undoubtedly helped me creating music. Later it was decided not only to write, but also to promote music as a Sound Producer and DJ.
What have both of you inferred from 2020? What is your biggest achievement?
— Haze-M: It was a crazy year for everybody I guess, positively I got more time to concentrate more on music production, also preparing to launch my new label Haze Music.
— Helen&Boys: I agree that the year was not easy for everyone. But the musician cannot stop, this is why I had a joint release with Two Are and Dan Maar, which became the best track of the year according to Kiss-FM Ukraine.
— Your mutual release "Dance with Me" has been recently released on Area Verde. What is the main idea of the track?
— Haze-M: There is no main idea, it's all about feelings and vibes, I don't really put a lot of thinking into it when I produce, I strive to create a sound that move the dance floor. It's all about pleasing my fans and listeners.

— Helen&Boys: I think Haze-M said it all :) This is a very "juicy" release consisting of two similar and simultaneously different tracks. Many people liked it, because it's impossible to skip it.
— How did you manage the production process?
— Helen&Boys: Everything is very simple here.This is a common practice for artists living in different countries.We exchanged music tracks and at the same time refined each other's ideas. During our calls we were discussing the nuances and seeking for the highest quality product.
— What is one message you would give to your fans?
— Haze-M: Stay safe and strong and hope to see you soon on the dance-floor!

— Helen&Boys: I want to wish patience to everyone this year, because we all had hard times. But I look at the bright side and believe we can definitely be freer in 2021 and meet each other on the dance floors!
— What do you set for yourselves in 2021?
— Haze-M: Traveling to new places and make parties all over the world.

— Helen&Boys: It is difficult to plan something, given the unfinished pandemic. But as I said I believe in the best which means that the achievements will be the most ambitious)