Hanubis: I've always been tied to techno

Today we are pleased to welcome another guest, Hanubis!

Alessandro Lacovelli aka Hanubis is a Techno DJ & Producer born in Italy, in the city of Foggia.
He has several releases on the labels such as JAM, DSR Digital, Korpus 9, Trau-ma, 91 Records and many others. His releases have been supported by such artists as Sam Paganini, Charlotte De Witte, Amelie lens, Luca Agnelli, Adam Beyer and many others.

We talked to the talent about his upcoming release "My Way" on Codex and other projects. Enjoy!
— Hi Alessandro! Thanks for joining us today! How are you and from where are you talking to us?
— Hi everyone! I am very well thank you it is a pleasure to be here with you today, I am speaking to you from my hometown Foggia in Italy.
— Congratulations on your upcoming release on Codex - "My Way"! There are 2 tracks on the release. How are they different from each other? How would you describe them?
— Thanks I'm happy with the new release! The two songs were produced in the post-restrictions period, when I started performing with the audience again which is very important to me I need the warmth and energy of the dancefloor. The two songs are both energetic and engaging, but they have elements that they differentiate them from each other, one has more melodic and snare sounds, the other has darker and deeper sounds.
— Tell us more about Hanubis. What's the story behind the project and the artistic name?
— The name "Hanubis" originated in 2015 while I was in the studio.

Thinking of a stage name that could be suitable for future Techno music projects, I was inspired by the name of the Egyptian divinity "anubis" to give a dark and mysterious imprint.
Was techno your first choice between genres or did you naturally progress towards techno?
— I have had a minimum of progression, but I have always been linked to the Techno genre, I feel that it goes well with my personality and through it I can express myself. Music is in each of us ... it is the art that allows us to express our emotions.
— Can we see you DJ somewhere soon?
— Soon I will have new dates and participation in big festivals in the summer but I can't anticipate anything.
— Let's jump to your music production skills. Can you share some tricks of yours which you use while producing?
— In the production I do not use particular precautions, the music comes by itself, finding inspiration from everyday life, I have various synthesizers in the studio many times playing with a sound something interesting can be born. I always try to create something that leads the audience to recognize my music and give it a personal touch.
— Finally, do you have any other upcoming projects forth to mention? Thank you for talking to us today!
— I have lots of new releases planned! Including one in vinyl! it was a pleasure to have talked to you soon! 7. I have lots of new releases planned! Including one in vinyl! it was a pleasure to have talked to you soon!