GrooveANDyes: three words describe my tracks: techno, melodies, harmony

Radio Intense is happy to present to you our new guest, GrooveANDyes!

Based in Barcelona (Spain), GrooveANDyes is characterized by its sound focused on Melodic Techno. His productions aimed at club and festival music, with overtones of harmony, never leave out of each track the importance of transmitting feelings with each melody.

The strength in his shows, his energy in the booth, and the connection with the audience, make each of his presentations memorable. Find out more below!
— Hello GrooveANDyes, How is everything going? Happy to have you with us today!
— Hello everyone, and thank you for the possibility to talk about my project. I really appreciate this!
— Recently you released "Lost Nation" & "Stellar Drive" on IAMT label, what can you say about this release?
— I'm very proud of this release in collaboration with Lautaro Gabioud, because I had tried sometime to fit with my music on IAMT, but before that wasn't possible. Both tracks have a good power, mixed with exotic harmonies and eclectic breakdowns. I'm finding to make the most powerful music, combinated with my characteristic harmony sound. Thanks a lot to Spartaque to release our music in IAMT.
How is this release special compared to other tracks you've released before?
—Absolutely not, this is a new starting point, because I had a transition from Melodic-House and techno two years ago, but now I feel more comfortable with the Peak Techno and Lost Nation EP is a good example of this. Now I can play my own music in my sets, and do that. It's a hard thing when you can discover so many good and young artists every day.
— Are you working in the studio right now as well? Is anything cooking at the moment?
— I'm working now in a Live Techno Set, with some synths and a wind digital instruments, I guess that the scene is so difficult to get a good name in the industry, for this reason I'll try with some different performances to see how the people react to my new project. I hope they like it so much because I'm working and practicing for this year.
— How would you describe your music to someone who hasn't heard it before?
— My recent music, it's composed from the roots of peak-techno with epic breakdowns. I'm trying in every songs to move the mind of listeners to a new sensation. Also I love to mix the Hard&Peak techno drums combined with orchestral sounds in the breaks.Three words describe my tracks:"Techno - Melodies & Harmony"
— You're a producer and a DJ, where do you feel most comfortable? In the studio or on the stage?
— I really love the time in the studio making music, when i'm inspired to do that. But I really love the energy on the gigs, when people are waiting to dance the next track, and the vibes complete on the stage. I'm wishing someday have more gigs around the world so I can share my music with more people and write a good moment in their memories.
— Anything else you'd like to share with us?
— Love Radio Intense team, thanks for all opportunities given to me in the recent time. I hope soon stream new videos of my performances with yours.