Gonzalo F: I'm looking forward to express my emotions through music

We are glad to present to you our next guest - Gonzalo F!

Gonzalo Fernandez aka "Gonzalo F" is a DJ / Producer From Buenos Aires, Argentina born in 1999.

We talked to the emerging talent about his path in the industry and his upcoming release on SURO Records. Enjoy!
Hi Gonzalo, How are you? Could you present yourself for those who don't know you yet?
— Hi! I'm really well, thanks for asking.

I'm Gonzalo F, a Techno DJ and producer from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I am 22 years old.
How and when did you start your artistic career?
— In 2015, because of a friend, I started to listen and to attend parties of Techno and Tech House, and I was hooked up from the beginning, and I bought my first controller that same year. After a couple of months later I started to play on underground parties with my friends, later on, I realized that only Djing wasn't enough, so in 2018 I introduced myself onto production in ARJAUS, a very known school of music production.
What are you currently focusing on as an artist?
— Now I'm focusing on making a lot of music with the purpose to be signed on the labels that I admire since i started in this path, and also I'm looking forward to express my emotions and life through music, both on DJ sets and also my own productions.
When did you realize you wanted to make your own tracks? And how did your style evolve?
— I realized that I wanted to make my own tracks when I was so amazed about Techno music, and I questioned myself how that sound was made, and also how the artists that I liked did that music. I found Ableton when i bought an AKAI APC40 mk2 and the program came on bundle. I didn't understand anything at the beginning so I went to a music school and I entered on that world step by step. After that, on 2020, I began to take personal classes with Martin Kinrus, which I'm still taking, and he turned to be a big mentor for me.

My style as a producer evolved from Minimal/Deep Tech to Cosmic Techno, being influentiated by artists like Spektre, UMEK, Mha Iri and Bolster. From my first track that I made to now, I noticed a huge evolution on my sound, which I am trying to master every day to reach a unique style that represents me on the future.
How can you define yourself as an artist nowadays?
— Today, I found myself in a big moment of my career, making music for one of my favourite labels, also, receiving a lot of feedback of artists that I admire, and I'm really happy about that. This year, I entered on a booking agency called WAU Bookings, giving me the chance to play on more parties, and also sharing roster with big artists that I appreciate a lot.
— You have a new release coming soon on SURO Records, what should we expect?
— I have a lot of expectations about this release on SURO Records, since this EP was made of music that came from the bottom of myself. You should expect, melancholic melodies , a lot of groovy percussions that combine perfect with the synths that I made, giving place to big and heavy drops.
How do you like to approach making music?
— I don't have a day-routine, but I produce almost every day. For the creation of new stuff I always start with the kick, which for me if a track has a good kick, it will be good. After that, I add percussions like hat, claps and more on a 8 bar loop till I found that the sounds are pretty accurate for what i want to do. Once finished the loop, I start to add synths and melodies that goes well with the stuff I did before and then I proceed to make drop and the mix as well.
How is the techno scene in Argentina?
— Techno scene in Argentina is really good in terms of producers, since there are plenty a lot of great producers that goes from Minimal Techno to Raw. Also, I believe that the scene isn't equal for everyone since the big clubs and big parties only choose a certain group of artists, and there are a lot of talents to be exploited.
Thank you so much for chatting with us today and congrats to you on this latest release. To finish off, is there anything else upcoming from yourself that you'd like to share with us?
— Thank you Suro Records for trust in my music, and also thanks to Radio Intense for this interview, besides this release I also have a remix that will see the light in February.

Stay tuned, because a lot of music is coming this year!