Gallya: I feel happy and excited about the new direction in my career

We are happy to welcome back another artist to Radio Intense - Gallya!

Bulgarian DJ & producer Gallya is a very well known name in the electronic music scene. Whether a rolling techno bassline or a dynamic tech-house project, Gallya's ability to consistently churn out dark and immersive yet vibrant tracks has made her a force to be reckoned with in the scene.

We talked to Gallya about here new release "You See Things" coming on Set About South and other projects. Find out more below...
— Hello Gallya! How are you today? Happy to have you back on Radio Intense!
— Hi, thanks for the invitation. I'm glad to be here.
— Let's go straight to the point. Your new release "You See Things" will be out net week what marks the launching of Set About South, a sub label of Set About. What is the story behind the EP and what inspired its creation?
— In 2019 right before the pandemic, I started to feel quite strange at my gigs, I was playing techno at that time. What I felt was that I was losing the enjoyment of playing music, I had no enthusiasm. That's why I started questioning if I still wanted to be a DJ. Then 2020 came and we were locked at home for two years, then I realized that I can't live without DJing and I love my job, that's why I started experimenting with different styles of music.

That's how I realized it was time for a change and I decided to boldly take another direction, the direction of tech house and house sound. Then me and Metodi Hristov came up with the idea of the new label.

I haven't released in two years and now I'm very excited about my upcoming EP "You See Things". I'm glad to share my production with others again because this is the feeling we live for as artists! For a moment I thought that wouldn't happen again. I feel happy and excited about the new direction in my career, also grateful about all the hard moments I had.
— What can you tell about Set About South? What will be different here from Set About? What South stands for?
— The idea behind Set About as a major label has always been to combine releases between established names in the electronic scene with those of unknown and rising talents. We have always worked on this during the years and tried to give a chance even to artists with 5 followers, but with good production. The idea behind South is no different, it's just that we'll have Tech-House, House, Minimal and Deep tracks, the main label Set About will continue the techno line. Also when we created Set About in 2015 it was a tech-house label and a few years later we took the techno direction, so tech-house is nothing new for us, just an extension of what we already do.
Photo by Natalya Sidorenko
What do you plan to do after the release drops?
— I'm currently working on a lot of new music. I've also started a new project with podcasts twice a month on my YouTube channel where I mix the newest music coming out right now in tech house, house, minimal and deep house. Those two things fill up almost all of my time, so I plan to keep doing them and fight for releases on the biggest labels. Actually, since I've changed my style and started making tech I feel like I'm starting over. I've been waiting for months to hear back from labels and not many people know me on that side, so it's an interesting time in my career. On the one hand, I am starting from scratch, and on the other hand, I am much more experienced and wise. Ahah
— Who would be your dream collaboration?
— I really like playing B2B with different artists, it provokes me in a very different way than when I'm alone in the DJ Booth. Each track you play must be in line with the previous one played by the other artist, you must be ready to react at the moment and together you have to build a set that is good enough to rock the house. I am looking forward to have the opportunity to play with many different artists in the future. And to the question of who I dream of collaborating with, I won't answer with specific names, but I can mention brands that I respect and would like to work with. These are Solid Grooves, Circoloco, Music ON, DirtyBird, Circus.
— Your track of the year so far?
— Lately I've been really into the old school funk house sound, it takes me back in time. I recently listened to Mochakk's new release for Nervous Records, which is called "Da Fonk", I listen to it very often, as well as others similar to it. Even a few days ago I recorded and uploaded a new DJ Mix on my YouTube channel with music in the exact same style.
— Where can we expect to see you for the rest of this year?
— My team and I are currently working on a tour in Colombia in August, which I really hope will happen, and we are also planning a tour in the US and India in the fall. Otherwise, in the summer I have trips around Europe, In July 23rd I am playing on the island of Rhodes in Greece, where we will film the party and upload it to my YouTube channel.