Gallya: the only thing I want is to never lose my inspiration

Today Radio Intense had a pleasure to talk to beatiful and talented Gallya.

Bulgarian DJ & producer Gallya is one of the most interesting names in techno. Whether a rolling techno bassline or a dynamic film score project, Gallya's ability to consistently churn out dark and immersive yet vibrant tracks has made her a force to be reckoned with in the scene.

We talked to the electronic music gem about the Bulgarian scene, Set About's 100th Anniversary Compilation where she is a co-owner and her new hobby.

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— Hello Gallya! How are you? Thanks for answering these questions!
— Thank you for having me! It's a pleasure.
— So, how are you these days? I know that you have just had the 100th release on Set About! Congrats! How do you feel about it?
— I am super happy about our 100 release. It feels like yesterday when we lounged the label and I am proud of our great artists we have on board.
— How do you think where Set About is going? Do you set any specific goals for the label?
— The goal for us has always been to release high quality music and to discover new talents. I feel like this is the most important part for us.
— What about yourself? Do you have any goals or objective you would like to achieve in the nearest future as an artist?
— I stopped planning anything during these crazy time and I feel free. The only thing I want is to never lose my inspiration and the happiness will follow. :)
— One of the tracks from the 100th Anniversary Compilation is yours. What did you want to transmit to the audience by this track? Is there any special idea behind "Be Quiet"?
— Actually I did this track last summer right after the first lockdown and I think I chose the name because of that. It's actually the last techno track I release for the next few months because during the pandemic I felt like I need to chill out the techno and play a bit different music from what I usually do. And you can hear that in my latest mix I did for Radio Intense from the Arch of Freedom/ Bulgaria.
— How about the scene in Bulgaria right now? Any improvements on this matter in the current situation?
— Yes. We expect to have a strong summer on the seaside. Clubs are opening next week and I hope they won't close again :D
— Finally, do you have any other projects coming up soon?
— Yes. Besides music I have a new love - filmmaking. Because of the pandemic I decided to go the university again and study for a film director. And thanks God I did it because this activity keeps me very busy and happy while nothing is happening into the music world. I work on so many projects and I am very happy about it.