Gab Rhome: an adequate supply of wine and romantic endeavours

Today we are pleased to welcome our next guest, Gab Rhome!

Gab has been dubbed as an 'international man of leisure' in the past, after he publicly announced his love of saunas and silk attire. He is a lover of colour, fashion, eating fondue and skiing the slopes.

Gab Rhome has an innate sense of rhythm, emotion, and groove. Both as a producer and DJ, the Montreal artist sparks an unavoidable connection with the soul, while conveying exceptional personal style and a sense of fun.

We talked to the music gem about his new 2 track EP 'I've Mad The Bed For You' on Amsterdam based label The Gardens Of Babylon with 3 remixes. Read below to find out more!
Gab, so great to have you on our interview series. We hear you have a new release soon on The Gardens Of Babylon 'Ive Made The Bed For You' – what a title, tell us more about this track?
— Hi! Your hearing is still very good as I do have a release soon with The Gardens Of Babylon. ''I've made the bed for you'' is a sexy sample extravaganza profiting from certain 70s rock bands tendencies to hard pan elements, making it easy to extract and repurpose. It's a sexy cut, everything is ready for you to jump in the bed with a lover or two.

The other song is ''Chandelier Cleaner'', it's the story of a cosmic charlatan trying to get you to over-pay for salvation. It's spacy.
What made you choose The Gardens Of Babylon to release your music? Have you played any of their shows?
— I've played some of their shows all across the world, from Asia to North America and Europe. I appreciate how diverse their line-ups are and because I desired the two songs of the EPs to be released together, although they are very different one from another, The Gardens Of Babylon made sense.
Amazing remixes on this package from Francesca Lombardo, Baham and Sorä – quite the Montreal talent package. How did you approach them to be a part of this release and why?
— It was quite a fortuitous event that brought us all together. On a Wednesday afternoon, I went to a local market where I ran into Francesca doing some shopping, Sorä was selling the last cherry tomato he had grown last year and Baham were questioning the utility of pants. My tactic to convince them was simple:

1. Buy the tomato from Sorä
2. Give the tomato to Francesca
3. Candidly remove my pants while in Baham's eyesight.
What is the secret to achieving emotion and groove into tracks like yours?
— An adequate supply of wine and romantic endeavours.
We read you are very passionate about the arts, from literature and poetry to fashion and visual arts. For someone starting out, can you give us your top 3 reads for the year?
— The Fountainhead, by Ayn Rand.
Believe in your vision!

The Song Of Achilles, by Madeline Miller.
The romantic in me loves epic tales and this is a modern twist on an Antique classic.

The best of me, by David Sedaris.
Light and judgmental short stories for in between heavier reads.
Fashion and music are constantly evolving. Do you feel the press to always change and adapt with trends?
— I usually transform because I feel like it. Trying to change who you want to be to fit a trend shows very little ambition. This being said, being aware of trends and letting yourself be influenced by what you believe is valid in them is not a bad idea. Just don't replace your identity with someone else's.
Can you also write us a short poem?
— Roses are red
Violets are blue
I really like Mountain Dew
After this EP, what's your plans - musically?
— In the immediate, I have a follow up single with Glasgow Underground and something planed with my label. Beyond that point, I have to remain elusive as to not jinx it. Remain calm though: these two other EPs are currently being mastered for the realm that extends beyond 3 months.
One last thing before we leave you…. do you make your bed?
— Oh hell yeah.