my sound is raw and features a lot of dark noises

We are glad to present to you our next guest -!

Scotland's young shining, techno talent is pioneering the latest generation of clubbing fanatics. His uniquely raw, energetic sound has led to international recognition, intense touring and seminal releases on world renowned labels such as EXHALE. is no stranger to big projects having shared decks with the likes of Dax J, Amelie Lens, Floorplan, Speedy J, SHDW & Obscure Shape to name a few.

Release wise, his new track 'No Regards For Humanity' featured on Crisis Of Man's first VA 'Core Values' and out today. We caught up with to find out more!
Let's kick things off with your event last weekend! The Hydro in Glasgow is huge – how did the opportunity come around to do this event?
— I've actually had this venue lined up for around 4years, but I just didn't know if it would ever be possible. After my warehouse weekender at SWG3 sold out in 13minutes, it only made sense to go for it now. We spoke to the event management at The Hydro and they loved the idea and were really supportive about it being the first ever proper dance event at this unique venue.
This was your first event, so can you tell us about the challenges you faced?
— Aside from the rescheduling related to covid. Most of the challenges were COVID related, and of course with The Hydro being a corporate venue used for worldwide exhibitions like COP 26, you need to go through health & safety + risk assessments for everything.
Will there be more events for you this year, if so, do you have some key artists you'd want to get on the line up?
— Yes lots of exciting shows lined up, you can expect a few big Invites series as well.
With regards to big shows, you played EXHALE for Amelie in London towards the end of 2021. Are there more releases on her label for you ahead?
— Sadly nothing confirmed for EXHALE, there main focus is on showcasing new artists on every release so the concept isn't suited for a 2nd release.
We have listened to your next single 'No Regards For Humanity' coming out on Crisis Of Man this month. Your sound is the harder side of techno. Have you always produced music this style?
— Yeah this track is definitely on the harder side, I felt as if a lot go my older tracks don't much the energy I played so I wanted to put out some harder, high energy warehouse bangers. It's a nice VA too with some really cool artists featured on it from the US.
What other labels do you want to release on as goals?
— Goals of mine have always been the likes of Monnom Black & R-Label owned by Dax J & Kobosil. My sound is raw and features a lot of dark noises suited to this style.
Would you ever start your own label?
— For sure. I planned to of already launched my new label by now, but with the vinyl pressing being such a long wait at the moment, so I've delayed it. But watch this space for more news on it maybe later this year.
Tell us one interesting fact about you that no one knows?
— I played professional football up until I was 16 but clubbing and music was a lot more suited to my lifestyle although I did still work out regularly.
Finally, your track of the year so far?
— Fractions - What Doesn't Kill Me? - just released on Possession.