Frannz: I feel great about releasing on Pillar

It's Interview-Friday again!

This time Radio Intense meets a Spanish artist and producer - Frannz.

Frannz, born in 1996 in the city of Albacete, passionate about electronic music who from a young age made it clear that he wanted to make his passion his profession. His sets are characterized by musical variety with tribal and ethnic sounds accompanied by melodies.

We talked to the young enthusiast about his start in the electronic music industry, new release "Pandemium" on brand new Pillar and future opportunities.

— Hello Frannz! How are you these days? Thanks for giving us this interview.
— Hi guys, I'm fine tranks! it's my pleasure to speak with you :).
— Let me dig in a little bit into your past. Can you tell us how everything has started for you in the music industry and which early influences did you have?
— It all started through my sister, she brought home CDs that were given to her at clubs, I think it was around 2006 more or less, I was very young hahah. Years later I started DJing thanks to a friend, it was a bit of a coincidence because the truth was that I had never considered being a DJ. My influences were DJs from my city and neighboring cities (Carlos Agraz, Blas Marin, Chus S.O.S, Carlos Garcia. Now we are almost all friends haha) and also international ones like Sébastien Léger, Edu Imbernon.
— Your musical variety is characterized by tribal and ethnic sounds accompanied by melodies. How did you find your own sound?
— It is simply the music that I have always liked the most and it is the one I want to transmit in my productions and dj sets.
— You are the first artist releasing on "Pillar" with your 2-track EP "Pandemium". This sounds exciting! How do you feel about it?
— Thanks! I feel great about releasing Pillar and I hope it reaches a lot of people :)
— As there are two tracks on the EP can you tell us more about the release? What message did you want to transmit to the audience?
— I hope it helps people to disconnect and enjoy, especially in this bad time due to Covid.
— Any other news you would like to share with us? Maybe some new projects?
— Yes, I'm working on new music and I also have a monthly streaming on my YouTube channel ( . Also have 6 more Eps for this year that I still can't say anything :).