Francis de Simone: believe in yourself and be humble ALWAYS

Hot Creations welcomes a label debut from Italy's Francis De Simone, who delivers the standout four-track EP, London Bass. In the short space of time since his first output in 2019, the Palermo-born artist has built a vastly impressive CV, boasting releases on Solid Grooves Raw, Material, REALM Records, Too Many Rules, Glasgow Underground and more.
Having built a solid back catalogue in recent years, De Simone's first Hot Creations release embodies the dynamic sound of the fast-rising artist, channeling chunky tech house and disco-flavoured melodies. We caught up with Francis to find out more.
Hello Francis, great to have you with us today. How are you and where are you speaking to us from at the moment?
— Hi guys, it's a pleasure and an an honor to share time with you today. At the moment I am at home in Palermo ( Sicily ).
We are pleased to be chatting with you following the release of your Hot Creations debut, 'London Bass'. Congrats to you on this! How does it feel to see it released on Hot Creations?
— Again thank you so much for your time. I feel really proud about my debut and am so happy to release on one of my favourite labels!
What was the inspiration behind the EP?
— The inspiration behind the EP comes from both Latin music and the music from the 80's. For example in 'This is Underground' you can hear a deep kick and a very long snare.
Although your release came relatively recently in 2019, we hear that your background in music stretches back much further. Could you tell us a bit more about your path in music?
— Yes, my passion in music began when I was child as I started to learn the drums at two years old. Thanks to my family, and especially my dad I was introduced to the world of electronic music, as I would always listen to electronic music with him in the car.
What was it that first led you to electronic music and who were your earliest inspirations within the sound?
— My first step into electronic music was with my friends, as they would record me playing the drums. My earliest house music influence was Kerry Chandler.
Could you talk us through your studio set-up?
— My setup is very simple:
2 monitors
1 interface USB audio
1 keyboard midi ( min 25 keys )
— And how do you usually approach creating your music? Do you have a set process?
— Actually I don't have a set process. I am inspired by everything around me...For example a particular sound from the street or an original voice during the day and then in the studio I will do the rest ....
As someone who is rising through the ranks, what piece of advice would you offer to an aspiring artist?
— Believe in yourself ; and be humble ALWAYS
Thanks for your time today Francis. To round off, is there anything else upcoming from
yourself that you'd like to share with us?
— Thank you guys, my pleasure ; " Saludos a todos " lol .....