FOVOS: A walk on the dark side

Tearing up dancefloors down under, New Zealand duo FOVOS are now preparing to bring their heavy-hitting, heart-racing, adrenaline pumped sound to Europe this summer. The duo, formed of Mario and Lorenzo, celebrate their latest collaboration 'Let You Know' with HIJCKD whilst getting hyped to share their new EP 'Introspection' on Dutch imprint 'Barong Family.'
FOVOS! It's great to have you with us today. How are you doing? First up, we've got to ask, what's the meaning behind your duo name?
— Firstly, when deciding on a name we just wanted to pick something that hadn't been done before. So, after doing a bit of research we found out FOVOS wasn't taken. The word means 'fear' in Greek and we felt that aligns well with our style of darker music. It's also short and simple, and easy to spell which is quite handy.
Tell us about your latest collab with HIJCKD 'Let You Know.' It's a raucous techno stomper! How did the collaboration come about? And what's the inspiration behind the track?
— It's a heavy tune that came about after we found one of HIJCKD's other releases on Spotify. We saw a lot of potential in a collab and so we reached out. Since then, there's been a lot of back and forth about the arrangement and vocals but we managed to land on something that everyone likes. A true collab!
'Flashing Lights' has been another recent hit of yours and marked your second release on Hardwell's Revealed Recordings. How did you first to come to work with the renowned label?
— We've always been fans of Revealed Recordings and it's hard to say if we would have even been making music without Hardwell's influence. So, we sent some of our stuff to a few of their artists and in particular Maddix was able to help us reach that next level. We're still really excited to be working with Revealed and we have lots of stuff planned with them for the future.
What is it about techno and the 'darker' side of electronic music that fascinates you and inspires you to make this style of music?
— It's a lot more emotive and expressive then other genres. It's clear what tone you're going for and we decide how heavily we're going to play into it. Since day one we've been attracted to and had a good response on tracks like 'Hypnos' so we decided to stick with it.
You have your own mix series on the go 'FOVOS & Friends.' Where do you scout out fresh tunes for your mixes/live DJ sets? Are you a digital searcher? Or do you go crate digging' in your local record shop?
— We do a bit of crate digging but it's mainly through old Ministry of Sound CDs. Outside of that, we tend to find stuff digitally or in our inbox since we're lucky enough that people send us music quite frequently.
Can you tell us your wildest or weirdest club/festival story? Attending as either an artist or as a party-goer.
— We showed up 10 minutes late to a festival set once due to extremely bad traffic. Once we finally arrived, we ran from our car to the front entrance and saw a massive line to get in. So, our only option was to sneak in to the festival we were supposed to playing at. We cracked the fence open and walked over to the stage we were playing at only to find out that everyone had been running late the whole day. Since then, we've made sure to give ourselves a bit more time to get to our gigs.
In the coming months, where can we catch FOVOS performing live?
— We're heading to Europe this summer! Lots of stuff planned but not a lot that we can announce. However, I can say that we'll be in Croatia, Greece, Italy and Spain.
You've set a solid momentum for 2023 with a rapid drop of releases so far and we're only in the first few months, so what's instore next musically?
— Even more new music! We have a few more official remixes to get out and lots of originals that we're finishing up right now. Hopefully, the momentum keeps up.
Finally, we'd love a Radio Intense exclusive...tell us something about FOVOS that we might not know or expect! The more random, the better! ;)
— Can do, here's one random fact each:

Lorenzo used to eat 14 eggs a day.

Mario often goes too hard at festivals and ruins his back for a week.