Filterheadz: We always produce new music. It's just what we do!

Today we are pleased to welcome our next guests, Filterheadz!

Filterheadz is a techno DJ and production duo from Belgium. Formed by brothers Bert and Maarten Wilmaers. Filterheadz are best known for their classic techno hits Sunshine and Yimanya as well as their high energy DJ performances.

We talked to the duo about their experience in the industry and upcoming release " This is the World We Live In" coming on Made in Brussels. Enjoy!
— Hello! How is everything going? Thank you for chatting with us!
— Thank you for reaching out! Where doing good, hope everyone out there is doing fine as well!
— How did you become a DJ and producer in the first place and why did you choose techno?
— We started out playing instruments as kids. Gradually we get more and more interested in electronic music. First into House like Masters At Work and early Daft Punk. We got into techno by going to a house party and checking out the second room where they were playing techno. The energy and vibe was absolutely overwhelming.
How can you describe "Filterheadz"? What is the story behind a name and project?
— The name Filterheadz comes from the early days and we were still into house music especially French Filter house. Although we gradually changed our style to Techno we just kept the name because we like the sound of it.
— Congratulations on your upcoming release "This is the World We Live In" soon out on MIB! This is an amazing start of the new year! What can you tell about the release?
— Thank you! We think it's a fun release ready for the techno main rooms. We think we succeeded in producing a track full of energy that can hold his own without sounding like 90's trance :-)
What do you enjoy most about being an artist?
— We especially enjoy the creative side of it. You get to the studio and experiment all day until you come up with something that makes you want to dance. It's just fun to play around with ideas sounds and textures until you find something that sounds unique.
— What else in the store for you in the nearest future?
— We're always producing new music. It's just what we do! Possibly we'll add some more old school vibes to our upcoming productions.
And to wrap it up, what are you expecting from 2022? Do you have any New Year's Resolutions?
— More Filterheadz music and hopefully we can get back to playing more gigs once we get past the pandemic.