Fernando Mesa: I've been playing records since I was a teenager

Friday interview! We are very happy to present you Fernando Mesa!

Fernando Mesa is one of those full-fledged artists that has emerged from the never-failing pool of talents coming out of Spain's scene. His sound started being a blend of that 90's music with heavy bass drums, repetitive, fast and strong rhythms: the main features of the tribal house that was part of the early 'Iberian sound' that was so successful during the past decade. Getting great results with his productions, he grabbed the attention of platforms as Toolroom, Materialism, Deeperfect or elrow Music. Nowadays, both his productions and musical selection as DJ are far from melodies, spinning around house with Latin touches, mixed grooves with wooden percussions and deep and serious vocal cuts, closer to deeper rhythms.

We talked to Fernando about his early years in the industry, new release "Electric Move" on RIM and future projects. Enjoy!

— Hello Fernando! How is everything going? Thanks for having time for Radio Intense.
— Hi there! Thanks for having me, I´m fine waiting for clubs re open finally..
— Please, tell us more about your career. How did you become interested in electronic music scene? Are you only focusing on tech house for now?
— Well I´ve been playing records since I was a teenager and I become interested on how that records were done.. so I started production and little by little I find my sound that maybe sometimes is more tech house and other more deep.
— What can you define as a turning point in your career?
— I don't know If I really had exactly a turning point but the best moments were the first Beatport tops when people realized who you are after long time working alone at the studio.
— You are from Spain. Did Spanish culture have an influence on you while growing up? And how is the scene over there doing right now
— Yes for sure, I'm spanish so our way of life and culture obviously influenced my sound and what you like to do in your productions. Our clubbing scene is re-opening step by step right now, but I think that we´ll have to wait some months to get again our past normalitie when all people get vacinated.
— Your new release "Electric Move" is coming in July on RIM. What can you tell about the release?
— Yes I'm really happy for that, it is my first release with Rim and hope it works well on charts! 2 different styles "Blacktop" is more housy oriented and " Electric Move" that is the main track which hope that will hit the dancefloors ;)
— Summer in Spain just started. Do you have something planned already? New gigs?
— As I told you summer here in Spain is strange this year cause the pandemic so at the moment I've not planned to play soon.. crossing fingers for september
— Finally, do you have any forthcoming projects coming up soon?
— Yes I always keep working on new tracks and have a forthcoming Ep for Lapera, Flashmob and more.