Fatima Hajji: fortunately music was part of my life since I have memories

If you were born with electricity and a real punch running through the veins, then you'd know it is impossible to let them just on the inside. You must allow all that flow escape to the outside. That is exactly what has happened and still happens with Fatima Hajji, she was born with those qualities.

Every time she gets on stage in front of an audience or locks herself in the recording studio, she transmits it with extreme facility. She possesses a great talent on selecting club music (muscled electronic sounds), good skills in the mix, etc. It is especially remarkable when she is confronting a packed dance floor when the 'magic button light' goes on leading an innate symbiosis with the crowd.

Radio Intense talked to the techno queen about her young years, gender situation in the industry and upcoming releases. Check it out below!
Hello Fatima! How are you doing? Thanks for answering this interview.
— Hi guys, it's my pleasure to speak with you.

I'm mostly fine, hope you and all the readers too :-) but I said mostly because I'm getting anxious to be back. it's been so long without feeling people's energy.
How did you become a DJ and producer in the first place and why did you choose techno?
— Fortunately music was part of my life since I have memories. My father used to play arab music at home, at his car or at his truck (sometimes me or my brothers traveled with him). When I was very young I even recorded and mixed tapes with songs from the radio. But one day my brothers started to bring at home k7s from parties they used to attend and I got hooked with that sound immediately. Some months later I found a record shop and there was an advertisement saying that they give mix lessons and I decided to learn how to mix :-)
You are considered as one of the best female techno DJ and producer in the scene. What do you think about it? Have you ever felt pressured by being a female artist in the industry?
— Thanks for the compliment, at this moment there are loads of amazing and talented female DJs so I'm not feeling any added pressure because of my genre, every day we are more. Of course different situations can happen, but not in my case. Sure, I think all the DJs/artists are exposed to enormous pressure, but hopefully the Techno scene is more advanteged in genre discrimination than many other areas.
You release a lot of music! What is the most important for you in the production process?
— The quarantine had almost one positive aspect in my career, that I have more time to work continuously in the studio, so I was able to get deeper in a lot of stuff and improve myself as a producer. A part of the result was recently released in some labels like Autektone, Odd recordings and Octopus, that makes me so happy and proud as those are some really good labels to have your music on. And much more new stuff is on the way to be released.
— In 2021 you already have 2 releases confirmed with IAMT Music Group on Set About and IAMT itself. What is your magic trick for staying productive? And what do you expect from these releases?
— Yes, one track on Set About with a remix by Metodi Hristov that I have not listened yet, but I'm very expecting cuz I know it will be a great one. And 2 tracks EP in IAMT thanks to Spartaque who is doing an amazing work with his 2 labels: Codex and IAMT.
Any other exciting projects coming up soon? What are your wishes and hopes for 2021?
— Yes, I am also working on my album that it's on a very advanced stage with 5 tracks ready and several projects, more open one, is to be again in Octopus Recordings soon and some other things that I can not say now :-)