Fat Cosmoe: there are a couple of surprises coming up later this year

Radio Intense is happy to welcome our new guest, Fat Cosmoe!

Fat Cosmoe is an italian Live music project that starts in 2014, offering a sound halfway between electronic and techno music. Fat Cosmoe's sound combines various kinds of music, incorporating Ambient, Glitch, Neoclassic and much more.

We caught up with Fat Cosmoe to find out a bit more about his new Higher Dimension EP made in collaboration with Henri Bergmann and Wennink, enjoy!
Hey, thanks for taking the time to speak with Radio Intense today! Where are you chatting to us from?
— Hi guys, thanks a lot for inviting me, I'm from Italy and live in Florence.
Can you tell us where you got your name from?
— There is no particular meaning, the music is made of many elements, a bit like the cosmos, hence the name Cosmoe. Regarding Fat, I liked how they worked together.
Did the pandemic impact your music taste or style at all?
— Yes, definitely during the first lockdown it was all very complicated, even just going to the studio, so much so that I made the decision to move there. The tracks in that period are the vision of the events that took place at the time, much more "romantic" than those I'd made in the past.
You have recently collaborated with Henri Bergmann on the 5 track EP Higher Dimension, which is being released on her imprint Automatik. What was it like working on this project and what are your thoughts on the label?
— It was very interesting and exciting. I already had the pleasure of collaborating with Henri & Wennink, remixing one of their previous tracks on Automatik. I love Wennink's voice and I really like the style – full of sparking and dynamic energy – that Henri puts on her tracks, which reflects so much in her label.
What brought you together for this collaboration?
— I think the sequence of events. In the first half of 2020 we had both released some tracks that we liked of each others, she messaged me and asked if I wanted to do a collab. We exchanged a lot of ideas and little by little Higher Dimension was born.
What's the creative process like when working with different artists on a release. Are you all in the studio together or do you work separately and then combine your finished work after?
— It depends, I've worked both ways. With Henri, we worked remotely, exchanging the Logic project file back and forth, modifying it time and time again, eventually making our ideas come together into a single one.
Do you have any favorite bits of equipment you can't live without?
— Of course, diva and my Subsequent 37 most of my main sounds are made with them.
With things back to normal now, what is your calendar looking like for the rest of the year? Are there any more projects like this in the pipeline?
— A lot of things have changed in my project in the last 3 months. There are a couple of surprises coming up later this year :)