Fabio Neural: make people understand that I'm still alive

Our today's guest is an Italian adept - Fabio Neural. Radio Intense talked to the techno expert about his life, Italian lockdown experience and Fabio's upcoming two-tracks EP "Athos" on Codex. Find out what is a story behind the tracks and more exciting insights below!
Hi Fabio! How are you doing today?
— Hi guys, I'm fine.
Here it is a sunny day, happy to share with you this interview.
Just to give a small brief to the audience, please, give us an update on where are you and what are you doing right now?
— I'm at home in Italy and I just finished my lunch.
Well, I can say that I'm enjoying life: going to the beach, gym, healthy food, reading books, dinners with friends and of course making music.
Unfortunately we are living a crazy period so I can't do what I love most: playing and travel all around the world.
As you are from Italy, can you tell us how is the scene right now there? I've seen that Italian clubs re-closing due new measures against Covid-19…
— As you said clubs scene is closed again. We had the chance to open on late June but politics decided to stop again due to the increase of infections. But the cause wasn't clubs or it wasn't the only cause. Beaches full of people without distances as the tourist streets, foreigners coming to Italy from dangerous zone as Italian people coming back from holidays in the same states.

Politics were looking for a guilty and it was too easy to find it on music scene, but now you can see election events with thousands of people with no restrictions.
By the way, Italy had one of the strictest sets of lockdown measures in Europe. Did it have influence on your artistic profile?
— All artists have been affected more or less. Our artistic profiles mostly depends on events where people come to see us and to listen to our music.

Some of us tried to do some live stream, as I also did, but it isn't the same thing as share emotions on live events.

I think the problem wasn't only in Italy, events, clubs and festivals have been cancelled all around the world. If it wasn't only Italy I wouldn't been affected so much as I usually have more gigs outside my country.
Let's talk more about your upcoming release "Athos" on Codex. What was the production process? How do you describe tracks' story?
— The Ep is made of 2 tracks: Athos and Junction2.

First one is a tribute to an artist and a big friend called Athos that he is no more with us, but that I'm sure he is looking to us from the sky. I take a voice sample from a track he was always playing in a historical techno club where I grew up.

Second one, as you can understand from the title, is dedicated to Junction2 festival, as I did this track when I came back from the amazing experience I had there.
It is not your first appearance on the label. What is attractive for you about Codex?
— Yes, it is my second Ep.
I chose Codex because they are doing very well on charts but they are doing also great promo campaigns.

Spartaque is open minded and he gives the chance to artists to release also different stuff from what you usually find out.
What else do you have coming up?
— It is an hard moment for selling tracks so I'm trying to do few releases just to make people understand that I'm still alive, lol.

I only have an Ep coming out at the end of November with my buddy Dj Fronter on Clarisse Records.

I already had a great 2020 with a rmx for Martin Solveig single, a VA on Rawthentic and one Ep on Sola so for this year it is enough, I have several demos I'm sending out to fix them on 2021 hoping it will be a better year :)