Fabio Neural, DJ Fronter: expect some damage on the dancefloor!

We are happy to present to you our today's guests - Fabio Neural and DJ Fronter!

Hot Creations welcome back Fabio Neural and DJ Fronter who join forces once again for their second release on the label titled Ding Dong. Following on from their success with the first release,
the eagerly anticipated second drops in May. We caught up with the talents to find out more. Enjoy!
— Hello guys! Great to have you with us today. How are you both and where are you chatting to us from right now?
— Hi to everybody, all fine here in Italy in my hometown where I'm recharging after 3 weeks of South America tour.
R: Fronter
Hi guys, cheers from Medellin.
— We're pleased to be speaking ahead of your return to Hot Creations with 'Ding Dong', congrats on this record. What can you tell us about this release?
— Well, first of all it is a big honor to be back on one of the most popular labels during the years. It will be a peak time Ep with both tracks and we are curious to see people's reaction after the release date. Expect some damage on the dancefloor!
As successful artists both independently and together, we'd love to hear the story about how you first came together to collaborate?
— As I try to do in my life, it was very natural. It was 2017 and I was playing some of Fronter's tracks on Stereo Productions so I asked Chus to make a connection between me & Fronter, where I told him I was interested in doing something together. And so it was. We started to make music with in mind the goal to release on Hot Creations. We had first a VA on Toolroom and then we reached the attention of Jamie Jones with 'Brr Baby Brr'... the rest is history, it was one of the most acclaimed tracks of 2019.
What is the workflow like when you collaborate?
— As our collaboration started it is very simple and natural. First stuff of ours were projects I already did but never finished and reworked by Fronter. Afterwards sometimes ideas from him and sometimes ideas from me. The right balance.
— Your individual styles compliment each other well in your collaborations. Who are some of your main influences and do you both share similar influences?
— We have different influences also due to the fact of our countries of origin and our age. I was born musically during the Italian techno movement in the 90's, so my first influences were from Carl Cox, Sven Vath and Adam Beyer. Only after many years I started to appreciate different styles from Tech-House to Deep-House and it was when I started to do production around 2010. I also like electronic music like Depeche Mode and Daft Punk as well as Hip Hop of Dr.Dre or 50 Cent so this is why I also had influences from these genres.

If we have different influences due to our roots of birth, this side of Latin America is more tribal rhythms "Percuciones". In 2008 I became more interested in this genre of electronica to make electro house songs with many Latin sounds, then when I evolved with the years and the sound maturing, my influences have always been Luciano, his tech house is very rhythmic, very happy... Carl Cox is coming with his style, apart from tech house, I like techno and that's where when it comes to making music. It flows me to do any of the two styles either tech house or techno.
What does a normal day look like for you both?
— I'll tell you about a normal day during the winter season.
A normal day means wake-up early around 8:00 o'clock, have breakfast and 30 minutes of meditation. Then studio time if I don't have to solve any home issues till lunch.
Then I usually take a coffee at the bar of a friend in front of the se,a where I also spend the time reading books. Then studio time again and gym. Dinner, watching TV and going to sleep not so late.

R: Fronter
A normal day for me is to get up and turn on my PC in the studio to see the pending work that I have to finish. During the week I try to sit down 3 to 4 times a week to do production. The rest of the time I like to learn by sharing with fellow producers about music and production, and spending a lot of time with my family and friends.
What are your favourite pieces of equipment in the studio?
— Sylenth1, Albino3, SubBoomBass, Roland TR909 and TR808.
But what I usually love to do is sampling, cutting and editing things.

I definitely use TR909, TR9808 and TB-3 working with Maschine mk3 they are my favorites to start with my track, for the basses I use the Trilian Vst from (Spectrasonics), and the key is the arpeggio management when making the main break. Helps to give a lot of strength to the climbs.
Thank you for your time today guys! Congrats again on the release and we look forward to hearing more from you in future! To round off, is there anything else upcoming form yourselves that you'd like to share with us?
— Thanks guys for your interview.

Me and Fronter are working on more stuff so expect to see more music from us in the future. The Italo Colombian duo is ready to rock the house.