Fab Massimo: tech house doesn't have to be all happy and trashy

Today we are pleased to welcome our next guest, Fab Massimo!

Fab Massimo is a DJ/Producer from Berlin. His modern, cutting-edge style combines the swings, grooves and vocal energy of House Music with the unstoppable drive innate to the screeching synth sounds and deep basses of Techno and Tech House. Results of his early work have been published on labels like LOW CEILING, The Myth of NYX, Glasgow Underground and RIM giving us a glimpse of what this optimistic adventurer will be up to in the future.

We talked to the talent about his new release "React to This" coming later this month on RIM and other projects. Enjoy!
— Hi Fab! How are you doing? How is everything in Germany?
— Hey Olly! I'm good thank you! Thanks for having me!

Well, things are slowly coming together, I think. The clubs are still closed but it's also that long-needed break from our overly busy lives we all have. And luckily, I can use the extra time to work on songs.
— For our readers that aren't familiar, can you tell us a bit about yourself?
— Sure! I am Fab Massimo, a producer and DJ based in Berlin. To date I have got music signed to Glasgow Underground, The Myth of NYX, other tech house labels and to you of course! I am also the label manager of LOW CEILING Records. My mission is reinventing Tech House – I want it dark and raw. Tech House doesn't have to be all happy and trashy! I love vintage and techno inspired sounds and a high level of energy!
Your new release "React to This" will be out soon on RIM imprint. Can you tell us more about the production process?
— It's one of those productions that took a while to finish because I had so many different musical ideas that I wanted to put into one song. That's also why this track has so many different layers and themes. Sometimes, when I produce a track, I have to remind myself that less is more.
— Looking forwards, do you have any goals you would like to achieve in the future as an artist?
— I want to start playing again on a more regular basis. That's essentially the reward, to travel places, meet and connect with like-minded people everywhere and to share your music with others. Also, I want to find a way to experiment more with sound and explore genre boundaries. Maybe even produce an album one day. I think focusing on your uniqueness will be the smartest investment in the long run.
— What are the top three tracks you are playing now mostly?
— Wow, good one! There is just so many and new ones are out every week!

I think my most played favorite of all time is "Ooh la la" by HI-LO. Recently, I've been playing a lot DONT BLINK's SATISFACTION. And from my own songs definitely Smile For Me – always works!
— What do you like to do in your free time?
— Well, I love my friends most of all and just being around them is the best time spent. I love standup comedy, preferably dark humor. I have a lot of plants that I tend to and I am really into reading psychology related stuff… And every now and then, I find myself doing a push-up or two!
— Thank you so much for chatting with us today. To wrap it up, is there anything else in the store for you in the nearest future?
— It's been a pleasure! Well, a lot of upcoming releases in the next weeks!