F-Rontal: you create a magic moment for yourself and maybe for others

Today we are happy to present you our new interview with magical F-Rontal.

F-Rontal is a DJ/Producer from Mannheim, Germany. He has been playing in clubs all over Germany since the beginning of 2014 and had his first international experience with gigs like "NYE" in Spazio900 in Rome. With his releases he gradually becomes more and more popular and it is only a matter of time when he achieves great results.

We talked to the talent about his path in the industry, new release "Hierarchy Level" on Codex and future opportunities. Enjoy!
— Hi Fritz! How are the things going? Thanks for giving this interview!
— First of all, thanks to the Radio Intense team for giving me the opportunity to do an interview here. So I think everything is going as well as it can at the moment. It is extremely difficult during a time like this to stay up to date and to get enough output. The good thing is that you could concentrate on things you didn't have time for before. But I think we all make the best out of it and look forward when it starts again.
— So, tell us more about "F-Rontal". First of all, why did you choose "F-Rontal" as your alias? And secondly, what does "F-Rontal" represent as an artist?
— Actually the idea for the name was quite simple at that time. To think back for a moment...I was 17 years old at that time, I was extremely enthusiastic about the electronic music scene and had a producer program (FL Studio) on my PC. I made fast progress in producing, because I could already play piano and guitar and read music. And yes, the first question is of course as soon as you have your first track halfway finished: "What do I actually call myself as an artist?" So I tried to sum up what I produce, what I represent in one word. The word "frontal" was clear relatively quickly. It is an international word, which has one and the same meaning everywhere. So the meaning is simple...the music hits you head on (frontal)...no matter if physical or emotional.

And the hyphen (-) exists only because the first letter from "frontal" is the same as the first letter from my first name (Fritz). So I wanted to add something more personal to the name. I fixed all this within minutes and I never thought about a name change or anything else after that.
— How did you start DJing and producing techno?
— I started to play guitar as a small child and later also piano. Through my circle of friends I was drawn into the electronic music scene. As a music fanatic teenager, I naturally began to take an interest in producing. But it was never my big goal to be on stage. At least at that time. I made music for myself. Music has always been an integral part of my life.

To my first gig: a good friend of mine organized parties in a small club near Mannheim. At that time I only played at home and never stood in front of an audience. But then the said friend called me and told me that a resident DJ is out due to illness and whether I would like to fill in for him. So I did...and it was amazing. For the first time I experienced how nice it is to stand in front of an audience. This power that is in the air...And after this gig I knew: "I want to have this again! That's how it all started.
— Germany is famous for its techno parties and nightlife scene in general. What are your favorite places to play and to dance in the country?
— Yes, Germany offers a variety of good clubs and event locations. In addition, the scene in general is also very strongly represented. I find it difficult to commit to one location. Every city, every location has its own character and is therefore unique. Of course it is something special when you play in your home place. For me, that's Tanzhaus West in Frankfurt. But I rather concentrate on the audience that is represented and that is unique in every case! I have also had some very nice experiences outside of Germany, such as the Cosmo Festival at Spazio 900 in Rome.
— Your new release "Hierarchy Level" is out on Codex. Tell us more about the tracks and the production process.
— The publication "Hierarchy Level" has a special meaning for me. Since last year I'm going through a small turnaround in terms of my style. And this release is for me a small milestone in my career. The art of combining emotional, goosebump-inducing melodies or atmospheres with driving beats is the most beautiful and best thing in our scene. And I think I succeeded in that. And that's exactly what I live and love! If you are sitting in your studio and you find it hard to stay seated while finishing your track, then you are on the right track. And that's exactly what I felt. During the production I tried to turn off the logical and theoretical thinking and just let myself drift. Of course that doesn't always work but in this case I succeeded. And those are the moments when you create a magic moment for yourself and maybe for others.
— What do you expect from the release?
— I never really have direct expectations. I am just very proud to have a release on a label like Codex. Of course I wish that I can reach many people with it and make them happy. That's why I also hope that we will soon have the opportunity to share our work live with the audience again. I also hope that with this release we can build on a good cooperation with the Codex family, which was already very pleasant with this release.
— Do you have any other projects coming up in the nearest future? Please share.
— In fact, I have several projects lined up already. I've had a lot of time to spend in the studio over the last few months. Of course, I can not yet give more detailed information about these, but I can assure that you will hear from me!

Due to my move and the construction of my new studio I have also bought some small equipment to test and try out new things. Ultimately, I'm working towards the time in which we can start again fully and I think we are on a very good way.