Espinal & Nova: Brooklyn born NYC DJs and Producers

Today we are welcoming Brooklyn born and based DJ/Producers - Espinal & Nova. After some time of separate paths, the two eventually teamed up as a powerful Duo exposing the best of both their musical talents & passionate creative mindset. Espinal & Nova told us about the beginning of the career, NYC club scene and new release "Gangsta" on RIM.
Tell us more about yourself. What is a story behind «Espinal & Nova»?
— Years back on a boardwalk party on Coney Island, Brooklyn, both of us were playing the gig, but on as separate bookings. We met later that night talking amongst friends sharing the same feelings as one another about our passions and goals as Artists, & we had an instant friendship. As time passed and the summer went on we started producing music with each other as we were both early on in the game, learning and growing from one another. At the end of the summer we had the option to play a b2b set on a booking in Williamsburg due to slot time availability for the best time. That's where the Espinal & Nova connection began as our friends and patrons at the event had told us after our set to never not play a gig together again. We then took a trip to play down in the Dominican Republic, where we confirmed that with each other to hold true. There was something special there, & we've ran with it since!
You're originally from Brooklyn. This district is famous for a lot of things including music scene and culture. What influence did it have on you while growing up both for individuals and artists?
— Growing up in Brooklyn for us was a musical boom in our generations that passed from the 90s to 2000s style and influences. From early Hip-Hop/R&B such as Biggie, Nas, Wu-Tang, 50 Cent & dance such as ATC, Deborah Cox, Whitney Houston right through to the 2000s and beyond, where most of the nightclub influences started to peak.
2 favourite venues in New York City.
— Pacha NYC & Output were probably at the Top of our lists as far as nightclubs were concerned to play at.

We both started our dance music journey as Artists @ Pacha NYC, which in speaks for itself. Many nights of meeting people and Artists that helped us and influenced us musically along the way.

Output in Brooklyn came and went in just 5 short years, as it was also ranked amongst some of the best nightclubs In the entire world. We've had many events there from the Main Room (Still the best sound system we've been blessed to preform on), the Panther Room, & to the great summer and spring Rooftop events as well. Output was definitely a special place for us and for all in the NYC Dance Culture.
Black Lives Matter movement, COVID-19, President elections – these are only several events which has happened and continue to happen in the USA. Did it make an impact on you? Do you feel the difference between the beginning of the year and the current situation?
— We understand that the pandemic of 2020 has affected us all as a culture and as a country mentally & financially. It's unfortunate that it had taken such a toll on the music industry for live shows and venues throwing events. Our outlook on work has not slowed down. We look at this as a time to regroup, as we put all the extra effort and time we now have available to put into our productions in the studio. We hope and pray for the safety and health of all of our music industry, so that we can get back to the live events as they once were. Spending more time with family, and making sure to cover the basics of life that may have been overlooked or not able to be fit in due to the once over busy life we all loved and lived is key. We hope that things will get back to normal sooner than later, & when that time comes, Espinal & Nova will be more ready than ever before & continue to rise!
— Your new release on RIM label will be out this Friday. Tell us about the production process of "Gangsta" and your inspiration for the release.
— We had caught a really heavy groove one night I'm laying out a new track. At the time that we had started that production, we were on an aggressive high & our minds were excited and determined for all of the great things we were doing and had coming up. We hit the producers block when it came to fitting in vocals & samples to match. Our friend & management just happened to be watching the movie "The Matrix" that night and sent us over the audio clip on YouTube from Morpheus' (Laurence Fishburne) speech to the people in regards to the War on the Machines. It was a perfect fit. Aggressive war speech to fit an equally as aggressive there was born "Gangsta"
What's next for you?
— Only time will tell what's next for us as this world is in an uncertain state for the industry of the dance music world. We have releases scheduled on many reputable labels coming forward, whilst we are staying focused to keep more music coming!

We love & thank everyone that has supported us before, and will continue to listen out for the noise we are making, being sure to stay on top of our game as we always have!