Erika Krall, Lian Gold: we learned to work together in the most efficient way

We are happy to present to you our next guests, Erika Krall & Lian Gold!

Erika Krall is a music producer, DJ, singer and songwriter from Tel Aviv, Israel. Her music combines elements of progressive house, dark techno, indie dance and deep house, as well as it is influenced by middle eastern music. Erika's music is supported by Lonya, Eran Hersh, Korolova, Miss Monique, Dash Berlin, Max Wangeli, Sophie Tucker, and many others.'

Lian Gold is a DJ & Producer from Tel Aviv, Israel.Gold has been building a catalogue of work that is really making a statement for fans of Melodic Techno House & Progressive House genres, she is part of a wave of talented female artists unafraid to stand on the biggest of stages. Growing in the Middle East, her music is touched by those exotic influences that flow irresistibly through her culture.

We talked to Erika and Lian about their path in the industry and upcoming release "Nuur" on Area Verde. Find out more below...
— Hello Lian and Erika! How are you both doing? Where are you right now?
— Hey! We are in Tel Aviv now. And we are doing great, thank you. We are excited to have this interview with you today!
— Your new release "Nuur" will be out on the 20th of May on Area Verde. Congratulations! What is the story behind the release?
— Thanks! We both have a very special connection with middle eastern music. We grew up with its influence, and right now, we are both based in Israel. If you listen to all of our tracks, the ones we produced alone or in other collaboration, you will notice middle eastern patterns and instruments. In Nuur EP, we decided to go further and let the eastern sound lead. We also used vocals in Arabic about love between man and woman. We think this combination of progressive house and eastern folk music is very successful. The crowd loves it every time it's played.
What brought you together for this collaboration?
— We have already produced a lot of tracks together, and so far, we are not planning to stop. Our collaboration works well, and we learned to work together in the most efficient way. We have created a unique sound in our mutual tracks. Recently, we started to collaborate with other artists too, such as ONEN, Space Motion, & Silver Panda. For this EP, we decided to create a track together with two of our friends - Martin Magal and Anartist. Both are very talented electronic producers from Israel. Together, we made the second track of the Nuur EP - Amal.
— Do you have any favorite bits of equipment you can't live without?
— The setup in our studios is pretty simple, as we mainly use digital plugins in production and less hardware, even though we do use several instruments from the Korg collection from time to time, such as Micro Korg with vocoder and Volca Kick. We record many live sounds and buy many live instruments: all sorts of percussions, guitars, etc. So a good mic is a must and obviously a pair of high-quality studio monitors.
— Do you have any plans for the summer season? Are any performances planned or new releases?
— This summer looks very promising, and we can't wait to start. We have an intense local tour, which includes quite a few exciting events, including several big hosting Ben Clock and others. We are also working on a US tour which is planned for August. As for the new releases, we have so far 4 coming up this summer. We can't say more, so stay tuned :)
— Do you have any goals you would like to achieve in the future as an artist?
— We make music because that is our way of conveying our message and inspiring others. The biggest goal would be to create our music that can speak to every listener in a unique and special way.
— Thank you so much for chatting with us today. To wrap it up, is there anything else you'd like to add?
— Thank you, it was our pleasure!