Enzo Monza, Greg Notill: We decided to make some "straight to the point" techno

We are happy to welcome two great musicians to Radio Intense - Enzo Monza and Greg Notill!

Greg Notill , French Techno & Hardtechno Producer. Released on IAMT, Say What? , Orange, Silent Storm, Back Kat, Reload Black. Played in Awakenings, Nature one, Monegros and more.

Enzo Monza is a young Uruguayan techno producer and DJ.
He has recently become one of the most renown techno producers in his country. Enzo has released tracks in labels such as Say What? Records, Reload Records, Reload Black Label, DJMagla Music, Sprout Music, Headroom Recs.

We talked to the talents about their path in the industry and new release "Samsara" on Codex. Enjoy!
— Hello guys! How are you doing? Thank you for being with us today!
— Greg Notill: Hey, I'm fine , thank you. I'm really excited about this release with my bro Enzo Moza on the legendary Codex Recordings

Enzo Monza: Hi. I'm great and you? Thanks for this opportunity!
— How were you introduced to the electronic music word?
— Greg Notill: Humm... that's a long story haha. I started listening to all kind of electronic music when I was about 10 years old. My first real love was Goa music (kind of actual psytrance). But when I listened to Laurent Garnier or Carl Cox music around 1996, I directly felt in love with techno (crispy bacon was probably the best track I ever heard). I was going to some raves and was always attract by the hardest sets, the closing sets. I really loved this very special energy. So I decided to create my own sound around 1999. my first Hardtechno releases was in 2003. Hardtechno Schranz wasn't that big but grow very fast and became a main electronic genre years after years. With many releases on vinyls, and especially after my track called Audio LSD2 (on Working Vinyl recordings), I had more and more booking request all around the globe playing in festival like Awakenings, Monegros, Nature One, Syndicate, decibel, Olympic Stadium of Barcelona.... Well, it was an awesome time were I met many crazy but amazing and pationated people. But, after 20 years only doing hardtechno, I wanted to explore new styles, learning new producing skills, had a new challenge... so I simply came back to my first love Techno... It was a way for me to express my feelings another way. Hardtechno was really to express my hardest emotions, with techno I can express many kind of emotions. Techno Music is probably my best therapy. and had releases on Black Snake (from Darian Jaburg, I'm co-owner) IAMT, Say What? , Phobiq, Solamente, Orange .. now on Codex... on Soon on Kraftek.

Enzo Monza: Well, I remember being little kid at my house and music being something very important in our lives. Then, my big brother showed me a program called Dance eJay and I loved it! Later when I grew up, I came to know Fl Studio and Ableton Live, these are the software that I use nowadays. As a teenager when I went to parties, I realized I had interest mostly in electronic music. In those days I used to play at my friends' parties and later with my productions I started growing as a DJ in my country.
    Your joint release "Samsara" will be out this Friday on Codex. What can you tell us about this EP and the concept behind it?
    — Greg Notill: We decided to make some "straight to the point" techno ( a new subgenre is born haha) . I mean, Not too much elements but the right elements to give the right energy and the right emotions at the right time. We were in our studio but I think we had the crowd in mind creating this release. It means, not too much melodic elements, just a few during the breaks, and many powerfull bass shots, saw synth (for Samsara) and rave elements and saw shots (for Rebirth).

    Enzo Monza: So, about Samsara EP. The way that we worked with Greg was amazing. We have a really good workflow, and we understood our ideas since we started working together. I think our track Samsara is an amazing techno track with great beat for the dance floor. For this track we used a very strong lead and a catchy rolling bass.

    And as for Rebirth, wow, I really liked the track, it's the classic track to burn the venue with a rave style.
    — Is it your first collaboration together? How do you delegate the tasks while creating music?
    — Greg Notill: Yes it is . Everything started after Enzo's release on Say What ? I contacted him to congratulate him and asked him if he was interesting to make a collab with me. We had many projects and, after 6 months, we decided to started this collab. When send each other stems and midi on worked each other on our side. Well, a typical collab but each other with our personnal styles and emotions.

    Enzo Monza:Yes! The first of many more haha.
    As I said before, we understood each other from the very first moment. We exchanged unfinished projects we had on our own, and each one of us created a new track from these.
    — What are you 3 favorite tracks to play?
    — Greg Notill: I could make a list with hunderds of tracks... But, ok , let's say this last year my 3 favourite techno tracks to play are "Shade of summer" from Bart Skill and Weska on Drumcode (it gave me goosebumbs, it's a good sign), "Frequency differ" from Umek on 1605 and a typical floor burner "your warehouse" from Spartaque on Codex... But I could also mentionned many other bombs on Kraftek, Say What?....

    Enzo Monza: Wow, that's a great question, because I really like many tracks but the one I love playing is my track Gresca, I enjoy the feeling that it generates in the people, I usually use it to close my DJ sets. Gresca, was released on IAMT in October of 2021 and it was played by Joseph Capriati at Awakenings in Gashouder, and also by ANNA and Wehbba in a livestream. It such a great feeling when top-line artists like them play your music. It's amazing to see the feelings your music generates in others.

    The other two tracks I love to play are Don't Think (Weska Remix) and Anyma's last release called "Angel 1".
    — What would you say is the most rewarding part of being a DJ?
    — Greg Notill: The best rewarding part of being a dj is to have to chance to share the same positive emotions with a crowd. We are one for a couple of hours. It's pure love all together !

    Enzo Monza: One of the most rewarding aspect of being a dj for me, is the people that you get to know through the music, thanks to the music and dj life I made very good friends. And of course, when you make a set and you see how the crowd enjoys it and you connect with them, specially when you play your own tracks wow it's such a good feeling.
    — What do you have planned, musically, for the near future?
    — Greg Notill: My next release will be on Made In Brussels for end of may. I also have something planned for Kraftek but, to be really honnest, I don't want to be locked in a specific electronic music style. So my future will be everything. Techno for sure, melodic, raw, hard, acid, Schranz... I don't mind... the best sets are the one that drives you from melodic to hypnotic and that are closing with some harder beats...

    Enzo Monza: Well, I have recently finished an EP with 2 melodic techno tracks which I hope to release this year. I am working on a second EP for Say What? and I also have many other techno and melodic techno productions to finish.