Elternhouse: carrying their own style of happy dirty tech house

This Friday we are happy to welcome a talented DJ/Produdcer duo from Germany - Elternhouse, with whom Radio Intense has recently had a chat.

In 2015 the two brothers Marius and Mika, started working on their project 'Elternhouse'. It all started at their parents' house in a tiny studio in the basement. With time their music shifted from Future House over to Deep House and up to their distinct Tech House style – 'Happy and Dirty Tech House'.

Over the course of the last few years, they started touring through Germany and played at Clubs and Festivals in cities like Hamburg, Munich, Bremen, Regensburg and Würzburg.

2020 was not only a crazy year for everyone, it was also an exciting year for the two boys from Elternhouse. With their release on Rawsome Recordings they made it into the Top Tech House Tracks on Beatport for the first time. Furthermore, some other tracks like 'Badda Bush', 'Doncha Doncha' or 'Biggie Biggie' were supported by DJ's like David Guetta, Rebuke and Claude vanStroke.

Check below their interview!
— Hi guys! How are you doing these days? Thanks for giving this interview. Let us know about your origins. What brought you to electronic music industry? Who are your early influences?
— Like everyone we started totally stupid and ignorant hahah

The biggest musical influence came from labels like Dirtybird, Relief, Sola, This Ain't Bristol, Rawsome Recordings, ....

Big influence was ADE 2019 to understand how the music industry works.

Big thanks to Mad Brother & Phineo for the behind the scenes look.
— How do you usually organize your working routine between each other? Do you share duties or each of you is better in some particular areas?
— Therefore Marius is the man behind the look and Mika the man behind the music.

Djing we do together of course. ☺
— What is the philosophy behind "Elternhouse?"
— Two brothers who are dying for good tech house music. Carrying their own style of happy dirty tech house into the world and give people only good vibes.
— Your upcoming release "In the Mirror" soon will be out on RIM. There are 3 tracks on the EP. What should we expect from them?
— This EP included three different feelings.

In the Mirror is more the dirty party track – going forward

One Love is more the good vibe tune – Love Parade tune

Trance State is more the groovy and meaningful track – Good for every kind of mood.
— Which other projects do you have in the nearest future?
— We have a lot going on in the future.

Great projects, podcasts and releases on our imprint "We Are Freaks Records"

Great releases with labels like RAWthentic, Hood Politics, SNOE, Nøid, …

Hopefully great parties again.
— What would you like to achieve during this year?
— Improve ourselves and get better in what we are doing.

And we are working on a project that can become a great platform for the electronic music industry - to be continued.