DR. DRTY: expect more techno bangers soon

We are pleased to present to you our next guest - Dennis Sheperd aka DR. DRTY!

We talked to the music enthusiast about his upcoming release "Dark Places / Trebbin" coming on October the 15th on Set About, as well as his artistic experience and future plans.

Check it out!
Hello Dennis! How are you doing today? Thanks for your time!
—Hi there. Doing really well, thank you. Right now, we are getting into autumn/fall and this is usually the time I become more creative with my music productions. Expect some more techno bangers soon. ☺
So, please, tell us more about your path in the industry. How did you become interested in electronic music?
— It all started in 2004 when my uncle introduced me to Dance eJay. It was an extremely simple amateur software but it really got me interested in music production. Soon after that I switched to Propellerheads Reason and after a few years with that DAW I switched to my favorite program Cubase and I never regretted it! My first records were signed in 2005 and my first bigger success was in 2006 with my house project Atrocite and the song "Only You". In 2007 I started my Dennis Sheperd project and in 2020 I started my DR. DRTY project. I am also hosting music production retreats (Soundcation) since 2017 and teach music production in person and online since a few years. I also run a blog called EDM Producer Tips.
Now let's talk about DR. DRTY. What can you tell about this project?
— DR. DRTY was created as counterpart to my friend's project MR. CLN. He is the CLN part, I'm the DRTY part. And sometimes we can swap roles as well, haha. We have released two tracks as collaborations already ('Humanish' and 'Rough Edges'). DR. is a nickname that I got on the Soundcation retreats that I organize and host. It's because I am very picky and particular with equalizers, compressors etc. during my seminars and coachings.
How is DR. DRTY different from Dennis Sheperd?
— DR. DRTY is my techno side project and explores the deeper, darker and more underground sounds, whereas Dennis Sheperd stands more for uplifting, exciting, euphoric music.
Your new release "Dark Places / Trebbin" is coming soon on Set About. How can you describe the tracks?
— Dark Places is a peak-time banger filled with acids, a mysterious breakdown and an unexpected but powerful drop. I am very proud of that record and think it's my best techno production to date. Trebbin on the other hand is a groovier track with a breakdown consisting of an ethnic vocal plus a powerful chord progression. This track was one of the first techno tracks I have produced during the Soundcation techno retreat (that I organized and hosted) in 2018 in a small town called Trebbin (near Berlin).
Finally, what else do you have planned for 2021?
— Going to release more Dennis Sheperd music, finishing a few new techno tracks that I would like to sign and release. And hopefully worldwide touring will start for me soon again.