Dominik Marz & Radial Gaze: we experiment a lot and look for interesting moves in our creation

Following a slew of impressive solo releases over the past twelve months, Dominik Marz and brothers Radial Gaze now team up for an impressive four-track outing on TAU. Both acts have been steadily building their reputations on the underground, maintaining a high level of consistency and captivating dance floors across the planet. The trio have already worked together, dropping 'Trans' on Mexican label Duro in 2021. Now they're back with a full EP, demonstrating the full force of their alliance. We caught up with them to find out more.
Hi guys, great to have you with us for the first time! How are you today?
Radial Gaze: Hi! Everything is generally good. I work a lot, spend the summer, perform on events and look forward to the release on TAU, of course

Dominik Marz: I'm fine today. Taking a little break after a surgery right now. But almost recovered.
Massive congratulations on your brand new Baren EP on TAU. Can you talk to us more about this release and how it came about?
RG: Last year, Dominik and I released separated EPs on the Feines Tier label – I liked his style and I had the idea to try to make a joint track. The results were very interesting and promising, so we continued our work, which resulted in a release on TAU.

DM: Radial Gaze had an amazing release on Feines Tier where I also released on before. I fell in love with that EP. I really liked the melodies in particular. Then Andrey (from Radial Gaze) asked me to work together.
Going back to your early raving days, can you tell us when you fell in love with electronic music?
RG: I think it happened when I came across various cassettes with electronic music in my school years. I remember it was Daft Punk and Yello and many others. Then I only developed this interest and at different times managed to become deeply familiar with different styles.

DM: I come from a Hip Hop/ turntableism background. For me it was a natural development from Dj Shadow to Ninja Tune and Warp to Techno and House. We had a particluar clubnight in my hometown that inspired me a lot and opened some doors for me too.
How would describe your brand of electronic music?
RG: I think first of all it's indie dance and leftfield techno. Our style is constantly being modified, we do not stop there. We experiment a lot and look for interesting moves in our creation.

DM: I think about that often. It's melodic for sure, but it's also trippy, weird and deep. Let's say: I like to mix styles.
Why did you choose to pursue this particular style over other denominations of dance music? What is it about the genre that you love so much?
RG: It seems to me that he qualitatively combines dance, underground and non-standard. I like to mix different styles.

DM: I'm not sure if I have one style. Everytime I try to come up with new styles even my girlfriend says that it sounds like me. So I haven't chosen it. It chose me J
You've had a very successful year so far. What have been some of the biggest moments?
RG: Undoubtedly important events for me are releases on Feines Tier and TAU, as well as collaborations with different artists – you will definitely hear the results.

DM: I really enjoyed playing gigs after the pandemic. I played some of my favorite clubs here in Germany. Another highlight of course is seeing my music is getting played by the big players around the world.
Looking forwards, do you have any goals or objectives you would like to achieve in the future as artists?
RG: It would be interesting for me to do a few more releases on big and significant labels. I also want to continue searching for different stylistic solutions and develop creatively.

DM: Always the next releases + recording (and beeing happy with) my own vocals.
Can you mention a few pieces of your studio equipment that you're really loving at the moment? Are you big on hardware?
RG: Of the synthesizers in the studio, I use Roland JU-06A and Moog Grandmother and sometimes Korg Minilogue. Since I'm also a sound engineer, I use a lot of VST on my computer. List is impressive.

DM: I use both worlds. My favorite pieces of gear at the moment are: Vermona PerfourmerII, Moog Minitaur, MFB Tanzbär.
Where can we see you DJ over the coming months?
RG: So far, I'm performing in my hometown of Saint Petersburg and other cities here.

DM: All around Germany and Europe, Israel & India.
Finally, do you have any other projects coming up soon that you'd like to share with us?
RG: In addition to Radial Gaze collaborations with various artists and several planned releases, I also have a joint project with Antonio De Oto (A-Tweed) from Rome. The project is called Oblako Maranta – it's quite new, but we've already done a lot of work and there will be some cool releases with it soon

DM: I'm finishing another solo EP at the moment, new EPs with Radial Gaze, Colossio & Theus Mago.