Dok & Martin: we have the same vision about music

Dok & Martin are coming back on Codex with their new release "Collision"!

Recognized as one of the brightest new techno talents, Dok & Martin (Victor Salvador and Adrian Martinez) are making a name for themselves on the scene through the quality of their music productions and the impact of their DJ sets. In the latest years, they have conquered the North of Spain clubbing scene playing powerful sets full of unreleased original productions that create a unique energy and a deep connection with the dance floor. Today their productions are hitting the top techno charts with releases on some of the best international labels

Radio Intense talked to Spanish gems about their path in the industry and new release. Do not wait and check it out right now!
— Hello guys! How are you today? Thank you for giving this interview. We appreciate it!
— Hello, we are very happy to be here with you and we appreciate the confidence placed in our music for Codex.
— Well, even though 2020 was a weird and unstable year for everyone, I can honestly say that for you it was quite successful! More than 1 million streams on Spotify for "The Doorbell" and hitting top techno charts all over the world are only a confirmation of that. How do you feel about it? Did you expect such a success?
— Of course! Many artists stopped making music because they don't sell music due to the lack of events. We saw a way to take advantage of Covid in this way and we went straight for it. We are very happy with the results but we keep on keeping the rhythm to go further. There is still a long way to go!
— Let's go back in time. How did you start working together? Why did you choose techno as a genre for your music?
— Good question, we decided to work together because we have the same vision about music and we are looking for common objectives, besides we each have a role so we complement each other very well. The style was clear to us because we are passionate about techno and this is what we feel, we enjoy this music very much.
— The start of New Year sounds exciting for you and for Codex. Your new release "Collusion" will be out on the 1 st of January. Such a nice way to celebrate holiday! Anyway, tell us more about this release. There are two tracks on the EP. How would you describe them?
— Exactly, we didn't want to start the year any other way! We are very happy at Codex and feel part of their team. The release is composed of Collision and Hypertension and they were created expressly for Codex based on the success of Doorbell. We tried to overcome it and made two tracks that transmit that energy that characterizes us without giving up a deep melody that sticks in your ears when you listen to it, I encourage all of you who read this interview to listen to both tracks.
— I see you continue to work with Codex. Why do you choose this label to release your material?
— The answer is clear, this label has all the qualities we need: good personal treatment, tremendous promotion, great visibility and a lot of professionalism to meet deadlines and organization as well as training and learning. Codex is an example to follow!
— What can we expect from you within 6 months? Any projects planned? Future gigs? The last one I suppose is not really up to you, but maybe you have some news to share?
— We don't know what will happen in 6 months, but we do promise that we will continue to work and adapt to give the best to all the people who support us. We also hope to continue to make people enjoy themselves live and also in streaming.
— What are your wishes for 2021?
— We only wish to have good health and that the covid is over so that we can meet again at the festivals and be able to touch and hug each other! We are sure everything will be great and we'll start with Collision at Codex! it can't be a bad year if we start like this! thanks for this interview and a big hug friends.