DJ Dextro: I describe my music as techno, with a touch of classic techno and groove

We're pleased to welcome you to our next guest, DJ Dextro!

Dextro has a long track record as a producer. He started to learn the art of DJ'ing in 91 and has a different perspective on music. His residencies in several clubs for over 15 years has forged his name and helped him create his own distinctive brand of music.
As a producer he has made many tracks with his Redkone project that was born in 2002, as well as a multitude of tracks for other labels. Dextro has played around the globe and has releases on a variety of international record labels such as Second State - Suara - Terminal M - KD Raw - Planet Rhythm - BEK Audio - Gynoid - Sleaze - Odd - Toolroom - Nervous - Stereo - Naked Lunch and more!

Radio Intense talked to the talent about his upcoming release "Reptiles" together with Matt Mus on Codex. Find out more below!
Hello Dextro! How are you today? Thanks for chatting with us!
— Hi, All good, thanks in advance for the invite, here we go :)
How would you describe your music to someone who hasn't heard it before?
— I describe my music as Techno, with a touch of Classic Techno, with groove, and sometimes with voices to give a lightness to the sound, trying to make it different by giving it a personal touch.
Going back to your early years, can you tell us when you fell in love with electronic music?
— It all started in 91, practically at the beginning of the Techno boom and electronic music, I was already passionate about electronic music bands from the 80's, and when I heard the turn to the 90's Techno aroused my attention right away, those hypnotic 4x4 rhythms , strong and swaying stayed in my head, until today :)
Your new release "Reptiles" together with Matt Mus and following with the remix by Torsten Kanzler will be out soon on mighty Codex. Congratulations! How can you describe the release?
— Well this release with Matt Muss, it's been done for some time, but only now there was the opportunity to come out, (Thanks Codex) it's an EP more geared to the dance floor (festival) it's an EP a little out of the usual but there it is, it was the fusion of me and Matt and these 2 songs came out plus Peak Time, and with a very well done remix by Torsten (Thanks Torsten).
— What do you enjoy most about being an artist? And what do you struggle with the most?
— Well, I've been doing this for 31 years, I went through many phases, even in music, several projects, but it was always Techno that was always present in me, as an artist, I really like to produce and be in the studio 8 to 12 hours a day: ) what gives me more satisfaction is knowing that this effort will be gratifying knowing that my songs play a little all over the world by the most diverse hands of both TOP artists and lesser known but very valid artists, of course I also like to be in the cabin and being able to play my music that makes people vibrate and I see it... What do I struggle the most? I don't fight anymore, I've exhausted myself over the years that a lot of things were confusing, it's easier to manufacture "pseudo artists" than to support those who have always done it, something that in this industry has always walked side by side was the lobbies and how I've never participated in any, nowadays I do my thing and leave it to the "expert's" to debate.
What kind of things are inspiring you at the moment?
— Moments of inspiration, not being too connected to social networks, listening to classical music, exploring nature, being with the family is a source of inspiration for my productions to come out better :)
Anything else you'd like to share with us?
— Respect for the industry and don't kill Techno..