DIVA Vocal: I was a child of music - always on the dance floor

Radio Intense is happy to present another great artist to the audience - DIVA Vocal, and congratulate her with the first official release on HOLY which is called "Back to the Disco" together with Andrey Exx.
Bulgaria-born star is one of the top dance music artists, singer/ songwriter in the house industry. Her songs quickly find their way in the dance charts and into the hearts of the club-goers. Today DIVA is sharing her story. Travel to the Disco era together with DIVA right now!
— Hello DIVA! Thank you for your time giving us this interview. How are you doing?
— Hey! Thank you for the interview! I'm good. I always try to stay positive even if we are in these hard times with the COVID-19 crisis!
You are an established international artist with a lot of experience in the music industry. Can you tell us how you started your journey and what is the story behind the project "DIVA Vocal"?
— I was a child of music - always on the dance floor, triggered by the beat of Snap, Culture Beat, Robin S, Ce Ce Peniston,Sonique. But probably the first stroke of my vocal delivery was by Prodigy's "Firestarter". He infected me with freedom and shameless self expression, even before I saw his daring looks - it just transferred the vibe effortlessly through the speakers. I've always dreamed of sharing myself so openly, reaching the souls of the people in the audience, telling them all emotional states are OK and they are not alone.

I chose the artist name DIVA for it means "wild" in Bulgarian and sets me free from society's moulds and expectations. Added Vocal to designate my pledge to electronic music.
— As far as we know you are from Bulgaria. What are the highlights of the scene there? What influence does it make on you as an artist?
— I grew up in Bulgaria, but obtained my higher education in California. This is where I fell under the spell of the electronic music. Going to raves, I was enchanted by the honest and emotional voices of house DIVAs in that period. The morning hours was when the DJs would play more melodic house tunes with beautiful female lead vocals. Alice DJ, Aruna, Heather Nova, Nadia Ali and Sarah McLauchlan. It was at one of those parties that I wished to create this kind of music and take it back home to Bulgaria. Little did I know that my songs will far outreach the borders of my country and reach stars like DJ Tiesto himself.

When I got back to Bulgaria, the electronic scene was hard tech underground sound. I was one of the first live performers to implement progressive, trance and deep house vocals.
Let's talk more about your upcoming release "Back to the Disco" together with Andrey Exx on HOLY. It's officially the first release on HOLY which will be out on streaming platforms on the 2d of October and on the 16th of October exclusively on Beatport. We are happy to launch our label with your help. Thanks a lot for choosing HOLY. How do you feel about the release? What message did you want to transmit to the audience with this track?
— I wanted to capture the historical moment of our surreal reality with masks and all. I believe that one day people will be laughing at this, just as we do at the Renaissance wigs, people wore in order to evade lice.

I also wanted to be the first one to welcome back my tribe (the party people) to the clubs. Bringing back the carefree sound of the 80's disco music, when life was easy and running at a much slower pace. In the extended club version I pay my respects to that era, mentioning some of the greatest anthems like Raining Men, Hot Stuff. I feel that the club music is much underrated by the media and we should be able to enjoy more of it on the radios and music TVs.
Which results do you expect to get from "Back to the Disco" and from working with HOLY team?
— I am thrilled to work with such a professional and dedicated team! I dream of reaching hottest charts around the world and why not be one of the few tracks produced in the former Eastern bloc to reach Billboard.
It's not your first collaboration with Andrey Exx. How did you guys meet each other?
— We have worked with Andrey Exx on many successful projects since 2014. I loved his groove and world class sound from the very first moment I laid my ears on him. Touring the world, I've enjoyed his upbeat mixing and superb selection. We share the passion to merge with the audience and create unforgettable parties.
Any other news you would like to share?
At present I am in California, wrapping up a few projects. Pandema time has been very prolific for me and my writing ✍️ so I am looking forward to presenting many exciting projects to her majesty the Audience.
I continue collaborating with Andrey Exx, DJ Tarkan, Diass and any other DJ/ producers, whose beats move me, while refining DIVA Vocal sound. Although few women thrive in our industry, I have been fortunate to work with producers that highly value my creative and vocal skills. Working with a live vocal is a bit more challenging technically, but much more rewarding, resulting in stylish and timeless songs. Everything in the world needs both male and female energy to prosper. ☯️