Diego Infanzon: being myself, not following trends, and not making music for specific labels

Radio Intense is happy to present to you our next guest - Diego Infanzon!

Diego has been releasing music since 2011, and within a decade has featured on labels including Saved, Intec and Laurent Garnier's Cod3 Qr. Genre wise, he has a diverse palette when it comes to this album especially, its house and techno.

We talked to Diego about his new album "Go Back to the Basics" released on Tronic and other projects! Enjoy!
Hello Diego, and thanks for taking the time to chat to us. How has 2022 been for you so far? Any highlights?
— Thanks for the questions :)

2022 has been a different year for me, I started to plan my album and now it has finally come to light on Tronic this week. I have felt so inspired this year and I think that one of the highlights has been that so many DJs I respect and look up to have given me such amazing feedback on the album. It really makes you feel a sense of achievement.
Massive congratulations on your huge new album 'Go Back to the Basics'. Can you talk to us through the release and what fans can expect when it drops?
— So the idea behind the album was to express myself in all my ways posible, which means making tracks across a number of genres. Reviving the passion that I felt during the first years of my career was the goal and I feel that was felt when making this album. You can expect to hear electro, techno, house and some more melodic stuff too, but always with my own imprint.
Signing to Tronic is a massive move for you. How did that come about? What kind of emotion did you look to invoke with the record?
— I started to work with Tronic about 5 years ago and have since built up a good relationsip with Christian Smith. He has always supported my music and has been on my side, which meant a lot. So to release the álbum on his label feels right and a bit like home. Over the years I have become a lot more in touch with nature and my own emotions, so therefore every track has its own story. It also reflects my emotions of recent times, some beautiful and others sad – I think you can hear that in the music.
Do you have a production process in the studio or do you just see how it flows?
— Actually not really. I like to sit in the studio and catch whatever I feel that day, and just see what happens. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesnt and that can be frustrating. Of course I have a weekly routine and always start with some key points so the creative process isnt lost, but they arent always essential.
What kind of things are aspiring you at the moment?
— Just stick to what I am trying to do, which is express myself through music. There are a few labels that I would love to work with down the line and release on, so that I can continue to share my music to the world. Just got to keep working hard.
What are you currently focusing on as an artist?
— On being myself, not following trends, and not making music for specific labels. I'm always on the look out for new tools for the studio as I am a bit fan of gear and technology.
Lastly, do you have any upcoming gigs or projects you would like to tell us about?
— Yes, we have a release party here in Montevideo with some local artists which I am really looking forward to, as I am playing an extended set. I am really happy to have a few vinyl releases on the way too, one of those is on Anja Schneider's label Sous. I am happy to have a release with her, as she is one of the first people who listened to my album.