Dennis Cruz: To be completely honest, I love being in the studio

We are celebrating 1 000 000 views on Radio Intense with Dennis Cruz!

Dennis Cruz – Spanish-born DJ and Producer. Dennis Cruz stands today as a leading figure within the global house music landscape. Dennis has appeared on Radio Intense before with his streams from Input (Barcelona) and Bora Bora by Skybar (Kyiv). So, we couldn't miss a chance to talk to electronic music gem about his career, lockdown experience and latest releases.
Hello Dennis. Thank you for taking the time to answer this interview, and congratulations on the 1,000,000 views on YouTube with your video at Input, Barcelona on our channel. How are you these days?
— Hi guys, thank you so much… that night in Barcelona was amazing! I'm good, relaxing in Madrid, and keeping active with running and fitness, plus of course going to the studio everyday.
Tell us a little bit more about your background. When did you start producing music and who were your early influences?
— I studied as a sound engineer and at the start I was working in recording studios with different artists across a wide range of genres which led me to learn a lot about music. In terms of my own influences, I have a lot of people who have influenced my musical taste and also my own music - from artists such as Michael Jackson, Cypress Hill and Fania All-Stars through to The Prodigy, Oscar Mulero and Ben Sims.
You have a large following and some may consider you also as someone with an 'influencer' style profile on social media. How do you feel about that?
— I definitely don't think I'm an influencer, I'm just a DJ haha.
How has your quarantine experience been? How fast did you adjust?
— It was quite difficult to suddenly stop touring and stay home when I had just come back to Madrid after touring for a month in South America. I was actually supposed to fly back to Costa Rica and then onto Miami for Miami Music Week. It's definitely hard to not be playing shows and music for people across the world, and that's definitely the feeling which I miss the most.
What was the worst and the best memory during the lockdown?
— The best moment was when I was with my friend Ian Ludvig, looking for ovnis (UFOs) on my roof… we have a lot of fun that night. The worst moment was when got infected by COVID and I had to be in the hospital for 10 days in a foreign country, away from my family and friends.
You're not just busy behind the decks. During last couple of months alone you've had different releases such as 'Five', 'El Puma', 'Girlfriend' and your remix of 'Secrets' just to name a few. How do you stay so productive? What is your secret?
— To be completely honest, I love being in the studio. It's not just my job but it's also my hobby, so I can always go there to make music and work on ideas - that's something which always helps my productivity.
What other projects are you currently working on?
I'm currently working on an album project, plus some collaborations with friends which you'll hopefully hear in the near future.
What's next on your agenda?
On the 23rd October my remix for James Organ feat Pablo Rita is released on Crosstown Rebels, and I then have a single on Moon Harbour in November and a collaboration with my brother Eddy M on our label MUSE at the end of the year.