Dennis Beutler: I am very much focused on my productions and my shows

Radio Intense is happy to present to you our next guest - Dennis Beutler!

Dennis Beutler is a DJ/Producer from Germany. He has performed at renowned international venues such as the Ministry Of Sound London, City Hall Barcelona, Kater Blau Berlin, Ritter Butzke Berlin, Jungle Experience Koh Phangan, Arosa Electronica Festival, Airbeat One Festival and many more.
Recent years brought him successful releases on a variety of respected imprints including tastemaker labels like Ultra Music, Repopulate Mars, Glasgow Underground, Protocol Recordings, 303Lovers, Stashed Music and many more.

We talked to the electronic music gem about his joint release with PEACE MAKER! titled "The Show" and other projects. Find out more below!
— Hello Dennis! Thanks for joining us today! How are you and from where are you talking to us?
    — Hey guys, I'm fine thanks! I hope you are doing well too!? I speak to you today from Germany, Berlin. Of course I live here too.
      — We would love to hear about how you first fell in love with music? What was it that inspired you to follow music?
        — The first thing I came into contact with music was as a teenager, where music from all genres accompanied me in my everyday life, but electronic music mostly. Later, when I decided to pursue a career as a DJ and producer, I was active in the electronic music scene for years. In the end, what inspired me to become a DJ and producer was the performances of the arIsts that I was allowed to see in clubs and at festivals.
          Your new mutual release with PEACE MAKER! "The Show" will be out in August on RIM label. Congrats on this release! What was the inspiration behind this ?
            — That's right, and I'm really looking forward to the release. The inspiraIon behind the project was that PEACE MAKER! and I have often talked about starIng a project together. At some point I had built a cool beat in the studio and I immediately realized that the number is perfect for our first track. When I sent him the idea and he also thought it could work really well, the elements slowly came together and "The Show" came about.
              What are you currently focusing on as an artist?
              — At the moment I am very much focused on my productions and my shows. In addition, I'm still concentrating on my new event project called „Operator", which I founded with Elternhouse and Fab Massimo to make Tech House more heard in Germany.
              Can we see you DJ somewhere soon?
              — Yes there are a few upcoming shows over the next few weeks around Germany.
              — What are your passions outside of music, and do you think these things inform your musical direction in any way?
              — My passion outside of music is to meet friends and family and to spend time with my dog. I'm also very interested in films and football.
                — To round things off, is there anything else upcoming from you both that you'd like to share with us?
                  — We don't have any further plans together, but we're working on new music together. There are things planned for my own project, but I can't go into more detail yet.