Demon Noise: my music is a combination of all my knowledge

Today we had pleasure to talk with mighty Demon Noise!

Demon Noise is an icon of electronic music in Mendoza (Arg) where he serves as founder and Professor of Nois Studio (School for Djs, Live performance & Producers). With over 8 years of experience, he delights us with his particular energetic sound.

We talked to the electronic music genius about his experience within the industry and upcoming release "Artificial Intelligence" on Codex!
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Hi Demon Noise! Thanks for having time for us. How are you?
— Good, luckily fulfilling my dreams.
Let's see how it all started. When did you start producing electronic music? Was techno your first choice?
— I started producing electronic music at the age of 20, 12 years ago, first trance, as the years went by I continued with psytrance, then melodic techno and progressive. Techno I started producing 3 years ago in which get contracts with the best labels of the style and also won the HI-LO contest in Octopus. Today my music is a combination of all my knowledge and my songs always have a bit of everything.
What an interesting choice of the name. Can you tell us the story behind it?
— Demon Noise is a choice of name that describes me as a person, it is not associated with anything satanic haha, but the Demon is known as the guide of mortals, that companion who helps you live your life with wisdom, Demon is that voice inside you that whispers your deepest desires in your ear.

I have been a teacher of electronic music production for more than 8 years and in this place I feel like a demon accompanying, advising and especially guiding each of my students.
Your new release "Artificial Intelligence" is coming soon on Codex. What can you tell about the release?
— Well, what can I say about this EP, first that I enjoy doing it a lot, second that it is crazy haha, I loved producing these tracks, they both have a lot of energy and simple but filling melodies, with a superb sound and elements of other styles that merge together. Perfection with techno.
It is not your first collaboration with IAMT Music Group's labels. What do you like about working with them?
— Very professional, each release within the IAMT music Group family reached many people and was well accepted, on the other hand, the great prestige that being part of it brings us.
What else are you currently focusing on?
— Currently I am very dedicated to my students and in their progress, each student who passes through my hands achieves very great things, signing on their favorite labels, playing with great artists, fulfilling their dreams, apart from that in the production I am very dedicated to CODEX as more EPs are coming as well as Artificial Intelligence which will be out in October! All my future productions will be from Codex so I'm more than anxious about what the future holds.