DeepMe: a new level in my freaking life!

Today we had an opportunity to talk to the stunning artist - DeepMe.

DeepMe is a DJ/Producer based in California. Her sound characterized by unique deep melodies, aim to blow up the dance floors in incredible ways, conquering the hearts of many listeners as a result.

We talked to the artist about the beginning of her career, new release "You Don't Understand" coming on Area Verde and future expectations. Check it out right now!
Hi DeepMe! How is everything going?
— Everything goes pretty good, thanks!
— So, please, tell us more about your artistic profile! How did you become involved into electronic music scene?
— I've never had as a desire to become a famous musician artist or whatever. I am just doing what I like. I've got 3 higher educations and they are not about music at all. But when I was a student I got spectacular emotions when I discovered electronic music for myself. It was in 2008 when progressive and tech-house got on top. But those times and now music are different and every day since 2008 I got involved in electronic music more and more. And finally I got my piece of a pie. I learned a lot about the history of that music style and day by day I opened new artists for myself and it got me so exited and happy I can't even imagine before.

The music enveloped me completely and in 2010 I became a DJ when I played my first DJ-set on the stage. That was dope!
What is a story behind your name "DeepMe"?
— DeepMe - that's a new level in my freaking life! Before that I had different name as a DJ and it was more about show and less about music and it was literally not what I really wanted. Several years I was trying to find a way and then I became DeepMe. DeepMe it's me, myself and I! It a mantra with my soul. Ommm.
You are based in California. What can you tell about the industry over there?
— I have been living in California for 3 years. As I can see it is more about pop-music, but day by day electronic music replays pop and it's a good news for me. I like different styles and techniques in music and I can tell that California is all about creativity in music industry and different styles always will exist together no matter what. It was unexpected for me to start my new life here but if God brought me here and did it to me - I have to appreciate this priceless gift!
— Your new release "You Don't Understand" is coming soon on Area Verde. How do you feel about it?
— I'm so excited to be a part of Area Verde ! I love music that came from this label and I do like to play it sometimes.

IAMT team got my attention and I love how they make each other project and keep them on the high level!!! I wish them good luck!
There are 2 tracks on the release. Which one is your favorite?
— Each of them is my baby and I love them equally! They are all part of me. In my life so many changes and new beginnings it's like up and down just hold on! Lol ! They are my emotions and my life! They are me!
What are your music plans in the nearest future?
— I have a break in my DJ life because of pandemic. But as for me - it helps to create new music and think more about future. In my mind now to create more music and publish it as much as I can. I want to give the world the best in my musical soul - DeepMe. Sometimes soon futures for new podcasts from beautiful California places. Stay tune!