David Granha: Spaniards are the headliners in the Covid Festival

David Granha is a Spain-born producer with 20 years of career in the electronic music scene, and a prolific discography. He has reached the top 100 of the most sold techno artists according to the web Beatstats and the Beatport top 10. In addition, his amazing adaptation and ability to create different styles make it a safe bet that leaves a mark of in his sets and live performances. Radio Intense talked to David about his music experience, Spanish nightlife and his new release "Ultraheroe" coming on Codex. Check it out now!
— Hello David! How are you today? In a good mood?
— Hi guys, yes I'm doing great. Right now I'm in front of my computer listening to Amon Tobin´s new album and answering your questions.
— Tell us more about DJ and producer "David Granha" and your experience in the industry.
— David Granha is a humble guy located at the northwest of Spain. I have been making music for more than 20 years, obviously I wasn't a successful producer in the late 90's, but it was where everything started. I think I am more a producer than a DJ (I guess), but I'm pretty sure i'm not an influencer. I´ve made lots of records, actually more than I can remember. According to Beatport around 300 tracks... I have played in several countries, especially since 2016, but not as much as I would like. Anyway, I'm very happy with myself and being a studio rat.
You are originally from Galicia, Spain. How has the music scene there changed since you started your career? How is it in the current situation?.
— We had a huge amount of clubs in the early 2000´s, but this has changed a lot, and there's not many venues to play nowadays, There are more DJs than clubs to perform. Actually, right now it's impossible to play, and this is not going to change in the near future, Spaniards are the headliners in the Covid Festival, and it's even more difficult to get a flight and play in other countries. In my case I had to begin to work on not related to music jobs. I would love to just keep working in the music industry, but it's not possible, and I have no problems with that. I'm not going to complain everyday, because it makes no sense, instead, I prefer to work on my album.
— You have an upcoming release "Ultraheroe" on Codex. Please, share more information about this EP. How was the production of these tracks? Where is the idea coming from?
— I remember to work on the Ultraheroe track using the "Dominion" synth, which belongs to my friend Diego. I don't have hardware synths in my studio. That build up was made touching several knobs at the same time, and probably it is like it is, because of the hardware and the different way that I´ve worked. I used my voice in the "Cognitive Dissonance" track, something I don't usually do. I have been asked so many times where my inspiration or ideas come from, but the thing is I have no explanation for that, I just turn on the computer and I make what I do best, to produce.
There are 3 tracks on the release: Ultraheroe, Hydnum and Cognitive Dissonance. Which is your favourite track? Why?
— It's probably Ultraheroe, because it's different from the others and not that typical. I have tried to not follow the trend, but it's not easy, actually I'm trying to be just me. The real "plague" it's on the copy-cats, the way that "us" the producers and "they" the labels (not all of them), are just following trends, to finally realize that we are not happy with the results trying to make others happy.
It is your first appearance on Codex. What do you expect from the label?
— I expect a professional label, we all know what professional means, just that. I have worked with lots, but not many of them are professionals. It's sad to see that after spending weeks working for a label, finally you are just a number. At the moment my relationship with Codex is great, and we have superfast communication, something I miss most of the time.
Is there any new music coming from you that we might not know about?
— Yes indeed, but I'm not sure if I can unveil what's next. Thanks for this opportunity and have a nice week.