DART: just keep creating & trust the process

We are pleased to present to you our next guest - DART!

Cutting his teeth as a resident of Dublin's Hangar, Jordan Rafferty AKA DART is no stranger to producing quality dance music. Shall Not Fade, Homage Records, Sasha's Last Night On Earth and Hot Haus Records are just a few examples of label's he's released on in recent times, whilst performances across the likes of Boiler Room, AVA and Ireland's iconic District 8 have helped propel him into the global spotlight.

Radio Intense talked to the young talent about his experience in the industry and new remix for Skream's 'Sad Days' coming on IFEEL.
— Hi Jordan, great to have you with us today! How are things with you?
— I'm great! It's been unreal to be back playing shows and being busy again.
— Whereabouts are you based right now and how has the music scene been there given the effects of the pandemic?
— I'm still based in my hometown of Dublin, Ireland. We're actually way behind here in comparison to the rest of Europe. We still haven't fully opened and our clubs are still shut. Although there are some positives - just last week myself, Sunil Sharpe and a few other Irish DJs played the first government pilot event here in Dublin. It was a massive success and we're on course for fully reopening on October 22nd. It was great to be part of history and opening Irelands first club post covid.
— We're pleased to be speaking with you around the release of Skream's 'Sad Days' on IFEEL featuring a brilliant remix from yourself. First off, congrats on this! Can you tell us a little about your remix and how it came about?
— Thank you! Skream has actually been supporting me from the early days of my career, like a lot of other acts. He always supports the new people coming through. I wanted to switch it up a bit from Ollie's original work, so that's what I done here.
— With Skream's original track already being so strong, what was the process like to work on your remix? How did you decide where you wanted to take the track?
— My productions and DJ sets can be quite pumping, so I adapted that for this remix. The rolling bassline along with the drums & arps really drive the track. The long breakdown is almost an emotional/euphoric one - perfect for peak time in a club. I was delighted when Ollie said he loved it. Such a big compliment from a legend.
— This release adds another renowned label to your list of appearances, a list that already includes the likes of Shall Not Fade, Hout Haus Recs, Last Night On Earth and more, an impressive feat for a young artist! What would be your best piece of advice that you could offer to a developing artist?
— Just keep creating. Don't focus in on one thing, try to create all types of stuff. Over time you'll shape your own sound and learn to be proud of it. Trust the process :)
— Who or what styles of music have had the biggest influence on you as an artist?
— In my spare time I actually listen to all types of music. One day it might be Trance, the next it could be Punk Rock. I like to try keep an open mind. Although when I make music I always find myself taking inspiration from old trance/techno records but giving it my own spin! I'd be lying if I said I didn't look up to all my fellow Irish artists too. This little island is bursting with talent.
— Thanks for chatting with us today Jordan! To round things off, is there anything else upcoming from yourself that you would like to share with us?
— Keep an eye out for a little secret project I've got in the making with another legend :)