Dani Sbert: I just wanna make music I like and try to forget trends

We are excited to share our new interview. This time we had an opportunity to talk to the talent from Spain - Dani Sbert.

We asked Dani about his new release "Cybernetik War" coming on Spartaque's label Codex and the next one "Hope" coming on Xenia's label Numen.
Hello Dani! How are you doing? Thanks for having time for Radio Intense.
— All ok, thanks, hope you too, thanks to Radio Intense for the oportunity!
— How did you become interest in the electronic music scene at the first place? Who were your early influences?
— when I was 4 I went with my parents to a friend´s disco and I asked who is playing the music ,then my father told me that it is a DJ, and within 8 years I decided to learn and buy cassette for experiment and mix them. When I was 14 years old I bought my decks and was playing 3 decks and techno sessions till 2005 when all become digital...

My bigger influences were Richie Hawtin, Oscar Mulero, Ben Sims, Sven Vath , Cristian Varela mainly.
Was techno your first choice between genres or you had a journey towards it?
— Yes ofc, techno, hard techno and melodic techno.
— Your new release "Cybernetik War" is coming in the end of September on Codex. What can you tell about the release?
— I think Cybernetik is a release based on old influences and sure like all my music is inspired by old vinyls I played long time ago around 1997 and 2003.
— Worth to mention that you have another release coming up on Numen in October called "Hope". How do you feel about this one?
— Yeah I am so excited also about this release , probably both are on my top releases this year ,so waiting with anxiety :D
— Your music production productivity is amazing. What is your recipe of success being efficient?
— I just wanna make music I like and try to forget trends, my life is make music and play music all day so thats why my catalogue is so extensive :)
Finally, do you have any other exciting projects in the nearest future?
— Yeah also waiting to much my release on Phobiq this winter and some great releases on my labels Sbert Records, UFO recordings, Bully Beatz and Psykometrik Recordings.