Da Fresh: I really believe that what does not kill you makes you stronger

Today we are presenting you another remarkable artist - Da Fresh.
Da Fresh is a French DJ, producer, remixer, live act, boss of Freshin Records. Arnaud (the original real name) is a traditional course of a young man who grew in the eighties and since then has never stoped his developing in music. Radio Intense talked to Da Fresh about his early years, inspiration and his third appearance on Area Verde with the release "Insomniac". Check it out now below!
Hey Arnaud! How are you doing? Thanks for being here with us today.
— Hey! All cool. Really excited with this interview. Thanks for having me!
Please, tell us more about your artistic profile and experience in the industry.
— I'm making music since the 90s, and I have the chance to do it professionally since 2002 when my first album « Supa Feeling » and especially my EP « Fuckin Track » was released. At this moment I started to play DJ gigs and some live acts everywhere in France first, then all around the world. So basically my life is to spend a lot of time alone in the studio during the week, and the week-end I'm travelling in different countries, meeting great peoples from different cultures, and playing music in front of hundreds and thousands persons to make them dance. I can't complain, I love my life, and I work everyday to keep it going like this.
And what is it about your name? What does "Da Fresh" mean?
— When I decided to choose an alias for my music career, I made a long list of ideas during weeks. I was looking for something cool, positive, and universal that everybody can understand. So « Fresh » was a perfect word for this in my opinion. At the beginning the idea was « The Fresh », and I changed « The » to « Da » influenced by the track « Da Funk » from Daft Punk which was released at this moment and was a huge inspiration for me.
We are truly happy about your upcoming release "Insomniac" on Area Verde. Please, share more information about the release.
— I'm really happy and exited about this one too ! This is my third release on Area Verde, and each time I try to do better than before, I always want to progress and improve my sound and my creativity. I teased a little the two tracks of this EP on my social medias and people reactions are already great with only good feedbacks.
There are two tracks on the release. How would you describe them?
— The first track « Insomniac » was made during a night where I couldn't sleep, that's why I choose this name. I wanted something energetic but also melodic. I worked all night long on it, and 90% of the track was made this night. The day after I finished the other 10% and worked on the mixing and mastering process. I love to do everything by myself, to create everything from A to Z. « Morning Lights » the second track, is more calm and relaxed. The funny story about it is that I didn't have an idea for the name, so I asked on Instagram and Facebook to my followers if they have a good name to propose. I received lot of ideas and I choosed « Morning Lights » which was perfect to follow the « Insomniac » night… I try to tell a story in my EP, to have a certain consistency between the tracks.
Where do you think the scene is headed? One year from now considering the current situation?
— I have no idea… The situation is very difficult for artists, DJs, promoters, booking agents, clubs, festivals, labels. But I'm a positive person ! I really believe that what does not kill you makes you stronger, so the scene will come back stronger than ever before, after this hard time.
Which goals do you still have for 2020?
— At this moment I'm working a lot on content for creators : I made already few sample packs and more are coming soon. Also I'm going to launch free and regular tutorials about music production on my YouTube channel.