D3FAI: techno is now my true passion

Radio Intense is happy to present to you our next guest, D3FAI!

Following a slew of early career releases on some of the biggest labels in electronic music, Italian producer D3FAI now looks to expand the sonic footprint of his already illustrious catalogue as he unveils his latest huge EP, this time on the one and only FORM Music.

Out now via POPOF's long-standing Parisian techno imprint, which celebrated its landmark 100th release in January 2022, D3FAI's Celestial EP marks the Argentine's inaugural foray on FORM, as he delivers an immense three-part package worthy of any label debut.

We caught up with the man himself to find out more…

Hello Federico! First of all, thank you for talking to us again! How are you today?
— Hi, I'm doing great, thanks for having me.
Where in the world are you right now?
— Right now I just got back from Miami to my home country Argentina for my next show on April 2nd at Roswell Festival.
Please, tell us more about your path in the industry. How did you start DJing and producing?
— I started DJing and producing when I was 12, I used to borrow my dad's work laptop. He saw I was working with it day and night so he gave it to me as a gift. Eventually I started getting paid for my productions so I bought a new one and gave his back to him.
Year by year your profile is getting stronger. Why did you decide to shift musical direction from big room sounds, to more underground techno?
— I was working on multiple genres but I felt like Big Room was my best. With the passing of time I was exposed to a lot of great techno artists and started going to shows. When I felt that my techno music was good enough I decided to revamp my career by switching over to techno, which is now my true passion.
Your new EP 'Celestial' is just about to be released on POPOF's FORM Music. What can you tell about the release?
— It's a 3-track EP with powerful melodies and fat beats. I worked on several tracks for 2 years to make this EP happen. The ones that I picked are called "Ecliptic", "Asteroid Belt" and "Celestial", all of them reference outer space and astronomy, which I find fascinating. I feel honored to be releasing them on FORM Music.
How does your touring schedule look like these days?
— Right now it's busy because I just played at Lollapalooza Argentina which asks for some exclusivity the weeks before the festival, so I booked my shows for April and later. After playing there I flew to Miami for MMW and got to be on stage with POPOF while he was performing at Ultra Resistance which was a lot of fun. While I was there I did a quick interview on Ultra's boat with YourEDM and another one at Racket Wynwood for my friend Versus who is hosting a podcast called Party Starter Radio. I'll be in Europe in the summer, we are still finalizing the details for the shows and events there, I'm excited and really looking forward to what's next. I'd also love to do another tour in Asia like I did in 2019.
What else is in store for D3FAI in the upcoming future?
— Well I got many IDs to be released so you can expect lots of new music from me this 2022, I'm planning to release at least another EP and an album. I can't wait to release them and show the world what I've been working on so hard for so long, I'm very happy with the results and I'm hopeful that my fans will be happy too.