Concret: the only way to enjoy the rollercoaster of the music industry and the DJing career is to really be devoted to music

We are happy to welcome another guest to Radio Intense - Concret!

Concret is the music project of Diego Angelico Escobar, Italo-Mexican artist and DJ based between Mexico City and New York. His music has been released on several leading industry labels including Correspondant, Motordiscs, Toy Tonics, Watergate Records as well as on his own label Tráfico Music. An accomplished artist also, his career has continually crossed the barriers between music, sound design and perforative art installations, showcasing an inherent talent for artistic expression in all forms.

We talked to Diego about his new release "La Llorona" on Rebellion. It is his label debut, as he teams up with poet Carlito Dalceggio and world-renowned actress Golshifteh Farahani. Find out more below!
Hello! It's a pleasure to be talking with you today. How are you?
— I am good thank you!
— For our readers that are unfamiliar with you, can you tell us a bit about yourself?
— I am Diego Angelico Escobar in art Concret.. I am half Italian and half Mexican and I have been doing the job of DJing and producing for more than 10 years now, starting in Italy then moving permanently to Mexico and now based outside New York. My music is a crossover of electronic, house and my influences on post punk, garage and new wave of my years as a drummer.
Crosstown Rebels' sister imprint Rebellion has just released La Llorona. The EP is a collaboration between Golshifteh Farahani & Carlito Dalceggio and yourself. Can you tell us about the production process and how it came together?
— Carlito and I we have been talking and sharing music and art and ideas in the past few years and when he told me that he fell in love with the Mexican legend of La Llorona and that I was the right person to put into music the contemporary interpretation of that I felt honored and start working on that. I found it interesting during the process to find different versions of the same track because I was finding that this idea needed a few different sides of the same concept. Later on Carlito wrote the poem and cherry on top found the incredible voice of Golshifteh for a proper female interpretation.
What is your relationship like with label owner Damian Lazarus?
— He is a friend and has a lot of friends in common. I played with him a few times already and been at his parties through the last 10 years or more. I like his vision as a label art director to be able to cross generes and follow his intuition on different styles of music.
Do you have any advice for aspiring producers?
— I would say to not be lazy and to focus on music more than social media or any other promo tool. The only way to enjoy the rollercoaster of the music industry and the DJing career is to really be devoted to music and find your own expression in it. Success, recognition and personal gratification come only if you follow those steps. The rest is a lie and if you don't follow these careers for a truly deep passion on music you will regret sooner or later.
What is your studio set up like?
— In my humble opinion it is very complete and practical. A few mono synths, few poly, few old analog, few digital, few old vintage pieces, few drum machines, few samplers, few modulars, analog effects, vinyls station all connected to the same mixing board, connected to my audio interface and to my computer. So it's really easy when I have an idea to make it practical and realize if it's good or bad. I also have a live room with drums and guitars for the live approach and to practice.
You live between Mexico City and New York, do you have any tips for anyone visiting either place?
— Oh my god, really? You are talking about two of the cities that have the most to do and experience haha.. I would say go with some locals to try real food, real night life and explore the art and culture. Both cities have some of the most amazing museums and art galleries to go through. Be smart and don't go to sketchy places after sunset if you are not with a local. Be prepared to not sleep.
Finally, can you tell us about any upcoming projects?
— I am focusing on the b2b with Iñigo Vontier..this is the next project I am putting all the energies on and probably also releasing some music with him in the next year.