Chris Veron: the time will come and we will all rave together again!

Chris Veron is coming back on Codex with his new release "Drift Line".

Chris Veron is a Dj and Techno producer from Freiburg, Germany, who you should definitely keep an eye on and whom you can't miss in the near future. With his unique style of cosmic techno, melodic pushing grooves and dark hard elements he brings every dance floor to boiling point.

Radio Intense talked to the techno expert about his experience in the industry, German scene and new release "Drift Line" on Codex. Read about it right now below!
— Hi Chris! Thank you for answering this interview. How are you doing? Where are you right now?
— Hey! Thanks for the interview request and it's great to be back on Codex. Even though it's not easy at the moment due to the current situation, I'm doing well under the circumstances and I'm currently in Freiburg in my hometown in the beautiful snowy Black Forest in the southwest of Germany.

The most important thing for me is to be healthy and to take the positive out of this crisis and not to bury my head in the sand. Always look ahead and simply make the best of what is possible. Never give up on what you love.
— Please, tell us more about yourself and especially your artistic development. How did you start your way in the industry?
— I started djing at an early age and was infected with electronic music in the early 90s because I grew up near Frankfurt, the capital of techno at the time. I taught myself how to DJ with vinyl and followed the scene very closely, worked in a record shop and went to the trendy clubs like Omen and Dorian Gray to dance to the beats of the idols of the time Sven Väth, Talla2XLC or Frank Lorber.

But school and working after moving to the Freiburg region took precedence, and so djing in my region was always just a hobby on the side for years. But It has always been my biggest passion and after my first gig in 2015 at the fantastic SEA You Festival near Freiburg and the opportunity to play in front of a crowd of over 4000 people, I made the decision to do it all professionally from now on. In 2017, my first tracks were signed to labels like Riot and Reload Black and I slowly managed to gain a foothold and started getting attention.

In 2018 I signed my first EP on IAMT and Spartaque became aware of me. That's why I'm still very grateful to him and the IAMT family for this opportunity, because it was the beginning of my real entry into the industry and I also got my first national and international gigs.

Since then, I have only concentrated on my dj career and the business and work hard every day to achieve success. My tracks have now been released on the biggest labels like Codex, Unrilis, Orange, SayWhat? or Prospect and just recently I managed my first top 3 placement in the Main Techno Top 100 with my track "Bluster Of The Sea" on the top label Set About. That was a really big success for me. It shows, that it's always worth believing in yourself and your dreams and working hard for your goals.

That's why, as a smaller artist, I think it's very important, especially now in this difficult and hard time for all of us, not to give up and to present myself and my music to the people out there and to show that we still exist and will still exist after this crisis.

Therefore, an appeal to all my artist friends: Don't stop making music, fight for what you love, people are waiting and need our music in this difficult time to forget the everyday life a little bit. The time will come and we will all rave together again.
— You are from Germany. Can you tell that the local scene has influenced you? If so, how?
— As already mentioned, I grew up near Frankfurt and was therefore strongly influenced by the scene from my youth onwards. It starts with trance music in the early 90s, then later with the techno of the late 90s and DJs like Sven Väth, Carl Cox and Jeff Mills.

I also like going to clubs and festivals in my private life and therefore I love a wide range of electronic music. There are an incredible number of artists who are really great and who of course also have an influence on me. But they also come from the field of classical film music and pop music. I have always been a great friend of harmonic melodies.

Nowadays, I'm mainly influenced by visits to the scenes in other big cities, especially Amsterdam, which I find really great and I love that city, but I also always enjoy being in Berlin.
— Your release "Drift Line" will be out soon on Codex. How would you describe the release? Which track do you like more: Trigger Point or Drift Line?
— Exactly, on 12 March my next EP will be released on Codex. I would describe it and my music as a kind of expression and constitution of how I felt before the crisis - strong, energetic and full of drive with a purposeful look into the future.

I really like both tracks, but I think "Drift Line" has a bit more of that extra touch, but ultimately both tracks are produced for the dancefloor and I hope they gain great enjoyment from DJs and listeners from all over the world.
— It's not the first time when you work with IAMT Music Group's labels. What do you like about them?
— Exactly, this is the 5th time I have worked with the IAMT group. I especially appreciate the professionalism behind it and the commitment to push each release and artist forward. You get the best support and care and also very good promotion, especially on Spotify, which is very important nowadays. They have a large reach and belong to the best techno labels in the world, so the chances of having great success with it are paved. If you reach the nerve of the crowd with your tracks and do enough initiative and work on the side, you can really achieve great things.

That's why I'm very grateful to be working with the IAMT family again and definitely not for the last time ;-)
— What's next on your agenda?
— That's a good question, I'll sit back for now and drink tea until the crisis is over! Just kidding.

In any case, I'm not just going to wait and let it all happen. For me, it's important to stay active and use this chance to emerge stronger after the crisis.

There will be a follow-up EP on Prospect (I hope I'm allowed to say that (laughs)), where I had my most successful track last year.

I also have a lot of new material ready and have also used the pandemic and gig-free time to educate myself in many things such as advertising, social media marketing and much more.

I have also restructured my private life in order to concentrate even better on music.
So you can expect a lot of news from my brand in 2021. Stay healthy, stay focused and never let it get you down.